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why does my pc game keep freezing

Games on new PC keep freezing and crashing to a black screen saying there s no HDMI signal. Games keep freezing; I have to alt-tab or crtl, alt, del to unfreeze them. Games keep freezing and unfreezing on high end pc. Games keep freezing for a few seconds in games. My video games keep freezing for half a second (all the system, not only video games sometimes)
Games keep freezing and/or creating bsods. getting device errors Games keep freezing after about 5 minutes of play.

My games keep freezing. Games keep freezing. Hello. When I play computer games my computer just freezes.

It remains turned on and the sound is playing like a bees buzzing. It happens only when playing. My computer is 1 year old and it could run crysis 3 at normal when we just bought it. This problem started to occur this summer and i was sure it was overheat.

But now, when it is cold and i usually sit in a coat when playing, it still freezes. I have to push reset button to make it response again. I have used the advanced system care and there are no viruses. Please, I really want to play games like i could in the past

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