writing a letter to a family member who hurt you

To my extended family,
Words cannot describe you, but I'm going to try. Most of you are very rude and selfish. You can't try to deny it. I know sometimes I can be, too, but most of the time, you all are awful. How could you possibly be that nasty to someone in your family? Oh wait you have. Well before my rant begins I need to start at the beginning. We use to have a fabulous relationship. We were always includes in everything from event to just dinners. Now we are alone. This all started with a simple assumptions that someone thoughy they knew what was right to do and what wasnt right to do when it comes to tradition. Literally all these conflicts started because of a thin piece of paper. Then a couple weeks later you hit us with another bomb. These simple things caused a ripple effect that broke my husband and my own heart. Whom would of thought that something so simply would alter our lives completely. Then lets move forward to the next topic. Facebook- who here in there right mind will read a post and simply think its about them? Trust me we all have, but not when its in a quote and has a authors name next to it. one manipulative psychotic girl ruined a strong bond we once had. Then the lies started and it was world war 1 and the only answer was to remove them entirely. so we did. All these different issues have broken our hearts. We have stayed strong as a family unit to prove to our kids nothing keeps us down but its hard. Its hard when you live close to your family and never see them. Or when you have grandchildren that want loving but we have to beg the grandparents to come over, but I'm sure everyone else thinks its us keeping them away. This continues to break my heart daily. We miss all the family functions and last but not least who tells a family member your always welcome here with the kids but your wife is not?

Like my husband really would do that. Its literally heartbreaking the way people are and its literally ridiculous how to people can ruin it all. What happened to people making there own opinions and people standing up for those whom are right. This day and age everyone seems to just be followers! Come on family be a leader! Out of all of us, there are few of you that we actually like and consider our family, regardless of the fact that you already are. You all are selfless, nurturing and the kind of people we like to talk to every day or every other day. Out of everyone, you few are the ones we'd like to go back and visit. The kind of people we don't mind running errands for/with, going to see things that interest you, or watching your child because that's what family does for each other. We are grateful for you few. The rest of you, however, it really doesn't bother us if we never see you all again. Will always wondered what it would be like to be close to our extended family once we got older. Or what it would be like to actually have a loving and accepting family. The questions will always be. Would we stay in touch with our cousins? Would we drive to spend time with our aunts and uncles? Would we actually want something to do with them? It's all just unanswered questions and will always be that way. You all have taught us that family is just a word about people you enjoy to mistreat and abuse. For that, I hope karma comes around much sooner. Hey Sara! Here comes anouther letter. I can promise you this will be my last. Since you have not answered or even commented on the last 4 i send you over the year, i dont think you will even read this one.

Cant say i blame you. If i had more control over my emotions, i would have cut you off also a long time ago. But i just couldent, you ment to much to me and i really wanted to keep what we had as a good and special memory for both of us. But holy shit did i fuck that up huh? The way we met was on of the most awesome love stories i heard in my life. I miss all the nights when we were still were just friends when we stay up talking many days every week until 4 in the morning. Remember? for 2 years you were my favorite person in the world. Than fucking love happend and fucked my whole life up as allways. No person has ever had as strong effects on me as you had. You show me so many new sides of myself i never even know i had. Even if we only meet physicaly for 2 weeks i feel i known you forever. The connection we had was like nothing i ever experienced before. I still miss you like crazy! Pleae we cant let it end like this. The email i send you in mars was the most stupid thing i ever did in my life. I understand you got upset and angry. But still? After 8 mounhts you still want nothing to do with me. I dont ask you to love me again, i just want you back as a friend. I remeber when you told me i was one of the top 5 imoprtant people in your life. I was so fucking happy! Now i feel i dont even make the 300 list, and now it has been a very long time since i was happy. I hate that what you think has so much importance for me. I will never give someone this power over me again. Im afraid i will never love another girl like i loved you. Open up again after this will not be easy. Crazy how things can go so bad so fast. And the worst part is that is was all my fault. Im sorry im so imature when it comes to sex and love.

I just couldent handel you sleeping with more guys than you can count. And 5 in 5 days, that really fucked my head, and still does. I dont think my image of you can get back to what it was and maybe its better if we just stay away from eachother forever. But guess what, i fixed my impotens! I can have sex like a normal person again!! First time in 8 years! That i guess is thanks to you. If i dont break down as much as i did, i never would havestart taking actions to fix it, and probably still be in ignorance about it. So to make sure nothing like this never happens again i started a new life quest. I have nthing better to do with life now anyways. Im going to fuck 100 prostitutes. Now over christmas im going to Amsterdam for 2 weeks than next year sometime i go to Asia for 3 mounths. That would be enough time to get the job done. Then i hope i can then finally let go of the fucking number game and go on with my life. Its probably best if i did not tell you that. But hey, you know me by now. Im to honest, to open and love everything that is taboo. To bad we never got to go to Austraila and start our kangeroo farm. And to bad dreamland is gone in flames. Its a shame we will probably never talk again. But im greatful for what we had. You changed my life forever in both good and bad ways. I have a whole new value system and im much less impulsive. Hope you did not burn the love letters i send you and hop you did not throw our lock into the ocean. and i really hope you delete the emails i send you after the shit whent downhill. All i want now is that you remeber me before all this happened, not just only the worst sides you have seen. Im really sorry about everything! I love you.

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