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why does my dogs feet smell like corn chips

Why Do Dog Feet Smell Like Fritos? November 6, 2017
Have you ever noticed a corn chip smell coming from your dogs feet? If so you re not going crazy, and you re certainly not alone. Many dogs have a corn chip or popcorn type smell coming from their feet. It s known as Frito feet, and although it s a bit strange it is completely normal. So why do dog feet smell like Fritos? One common theory is that the is caused by excess corn in their diet. Although a healthy diet is always important it s not the cause of that corn chip smell on your dogs feet. Here s the real reason your dogs feel smell like Fritos. Why Do Dog Feet Smell Like Fritos? The reason your dogs feet smell like Fritos is due to bacteria. That corn chip smell is caused by natural bacteria that end up on your dogs feet. It s natural, normal, and fairly common. Most people say it reminds them of the smell of popcorn or corn chips.

It s commonly referred to as Frito Feet. Dog feet are a thriving host for bacteria, mostly Proteus or. Both of these common bacteria give of a yeasty type smell. Humans sweat glands are distributed over much of the body, but dogs only. And since there s not a lot of air circulation moving in between your dogs toes that moisture leads to a build up of bacteria. Bacteria thrives in your dogs paws, and that s what causes that corn chip smell, or as I like to call it frito feet. But don t let all this bacteria talk alarm you it s all completely natural. The same microorganisms that give your dogs feet that corn chip smell are the same ones that cause body odor in us. It s nothing to be alarmed about. Your dog has trillions of bacteria living on its skin, even if he s the cleanest dog in the neighborhood. As Bill Bryson states in, If you are in good health and averagely diligent about hygiene, you will have a herd of about one trillion bacteria grazing on your fleshy plainsвabout a hundred thousand of them on every square centimeter of skin.

Dogs sweat through their foot pads, so any sweat that gets trapped between their toes can build up and create a strong odor coming from their feet. If you d like to prevent the build up of sweat you can trim your dogs fur around their toes. Place your thumb in between your dogs toes, and use a hair trimmer to carefully trim the fur around the pads. After you ve trimmed the fur thoroughly bathe their feet. Shampoo, lather, and rinse each of their feet thoroughly. This will remove any remaining build up of sweat and debris. That corn chip smell on your dogs feet is completely normal. It s a result of natural bacteria collecting between their toes and producing that Frito feet smell.

If that smell isn t one you fond of you can reduce the odor by keeping your dogs paws well groomed clean. But for the rest of us? Well we don t mind that frito feet smell at all, many of us find it endearing. Do Your Dogs Feel Smell Like Corn Chips or Popcorn? Do your dogs feet smell like Fritos? Or do you think they smell more like corn chips or popcorn? Does it bother you or do you find it endearing? Why Do? Why Do? Why Do? Why Do? Have you ever wondered why your dogБs feet smell like corn chips? What do you mean, youБve never smelled your dogБs feet?! Go do it now, weБll waitБ Smells like corn chips, right? (or tortillas, or popcorn, or some other corn-based salty treat). Besides puppy breath, itБs one of the better smells our dogs naturally produce. Although, once you find out why paws smell so delicious, you might not want to put your nose so close again.

Even the cleanest dogs have trillions of bacteria living on their skin. But dogБs feet, trampling through the grass and dirt, being licked, with moist folds of skin and fur between the toe pads, are breeding grounds for bacteria and yeast. According to an article in magazine, All these micro-organisms give off their own distinct odors (theyБre what give us BO), and the popcorn/corn chip smell on some dogs could be the fault of yeast or the bacterium Proteus, which are both known for their sweet, corn tortilla smell. Or it could be the bacterium Pseudomonas, which smells a little fruitier, but pretty close to popcorn to most noses. Commonly referred to as БFrito Feet,Б this dog curiosity is totally natural Б unless the smell is overpowering or bad, your dogБs salty scented feet are nothing to be alarmed about.

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