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why does my panasonic plasma tv not turn on

I have a 48 Sony Smart TV that I bought 5 months ago. It won t turn on. The power light flashes in 6 flash intervals. What
LG TV Won t turn on. Red light flashes. Toshiba flatscreen TV won t turn on after short power outage. No lightning involved. Has no standby light. tried unplugging f i have a 32 rca rlded3258a tv. The red light in the bottom corner indicates i have power, but the tv wont turn on. my samsung plasma tv won t show picture and red light flashes. cannot turn tv on manuallyand remote does not turn it on.

Nikon coolpix s3300 wont turn on but power light flashes when plugged in help OMG - you're amazing. Spent all weekend with my 88 year old Mum taking her to horrible hospital appointments. All Mum wanted was sit down watch her favourite programme. All we got on her PanasonicTX-L32 C4B was the flashing red light - would not turn on.

We found YOU on ifixit. com your suggestions! First 2 suggestions - green light came on TV came on - off again after 20 seconds. But 3rd suggestion, If theres still no Joy try power with one of your volume buttons at the same time. One of these should provide a hard reset for the tv. Hope this helps These buttons being on the left hand side of the TV screen.

BLOODY! *! It has not only come on but is STILL on 35 minutes later! You have made my Mum SOO happy! I love you. We will turn the TV off after she's watched the programme and relaxed and then turn on again from the handset and see what happens. Maybe the TV needed a hard re-set - maybe it needs a new power board. Will let you know what happens. Thank you. You do a lot of good.

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