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why does my dog face the wall

Another reason could be because there's a critter somewhere behind the wall, it may be time for you to put the Sherlock hat on and check around
Is your dog elderly? If so then this could be one sign you might wanna take them to the vet, there can be a lot of reason, one even being a version of Alzheimers (yes, dogs can get that too) or canine cognitive dysfunction Your dog could just be plain weird, but that's ok because you still love them!

There are some other reasons your dog could be doing this, I really encourage you to search and read some articles by http://www. flvetbehavior. com/ (FVBS) If you've decided rodents have taken up residence in your wall, place a call to your friendly neighborhood pest control business.

Otherwise, it's time to meet with your vet. He might want to rule out other medical conditions that could explain your dog's staring into the corner, especially if she's not in her senior years.

Brain tumors and other neurological conditions may be suspect. He'll want a thorough accounting of the staring and any other new behaviors or possible symptoms you've observed.

If aging or cognitive dysfunction are a concern, he'll help you devise a plan to make your pet as comfortable as possible and to facilitate aspects of daily life that are becoming more difficult for your dog.

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