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why does my knee lock up at night

Knee locking refers to when the leg gets stuck in one position, making it impossible to bend or straighten it. It may only last a few seconds, it may last longer. It all depends on what is causing it. Most cases fall into one of two categories. There is true locking caused by a mechanical block where something gets stuck inside the joint, preventing movement. This type most commonly occurs as you move the knee into full extension, i. e. towards being fully straight. Secondly, there is
pseudo locking, caused by severe pain which temporarily limits movement in any direction. True locking is quite rare. Here, we will look at the common causes of knee locking and the different treatment options. The knee joint is designed to bend up and down (flexion and extension) and rotate slightly. If something gets caught inside the joint, it blocks the movement and the leg gets stuck. When this happens it feels like the knee is totally blocked, unable to move at all. It often takes a few minutes of gently moving the knee, or as patients often say Бwaggling it aboutБ, or sometimes professional intervention is needed to get the fragment to move out of the way, before you can move the leg again.

This is known as true locking, i. e. something is physically stopping the joint from moving and is usually caused by: In some cases if pain is severe enough, it can prevent the knee from being able to move properly. This happens when the bodyБs protective mechanisms kick in, limiting the movement as the body tries to prevent any damage being done. It usually does this by causing the muscles to spasm, holding the leg in position. This is known as pseudo locking. The difference with true locking is that there is nothing stuck inside the joint, and whilst the knee may at first appear to be stuck, it usually unlocks quickly. It is often more of a БcatchingБ sensation which inhibits movement but quickly disappears. Pseudo locking can limit both flexion and extension, bending and straightening the knee, whereas true locking is usually a block to extension only. What Next? Knee locking is one of the more rare knee symptoms. If you have other symptoms such as instability or popping/clicking noises, visit the guide.

Alternatively if you would like some help working out what is wrong, visit the section. Hi all, I am brand new to this site but it looks like it is full of info. I m having trouble finding the answers I need just by searching so I thought I would post. I apologize if this type of pain is covered elsewhere on the site already. My problem is that my right knee will seize up while I am sleeping. If I sleep on my left side and pull my right leg up into a bent position, I will wake up later in excruciating pain in my right knee. If I lay COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY still, it doesn t hurt. But if I try to move it at all, the pain is indescribable. I cannot straighten it out or bend it further. ANY attempt to move it even a teeny tiny bit using the muscles of the leg or knee, even just to roll onto my back, causes unbearable agony. HOWEVER, if I take hold of my pajama pants leg, and pull my leg to the side, so that the leg/knee is not doing the work, and I roll on my back, THEN I can straighten it out. This works every time. It will be slightly stiff and a very little bit painful, but only 1% of the pain that I feel when I am on my side.

This has been going on for 3-4 years now, only happens maybe once a month, on average, and I adjusted to sleeping on my right side. This of course affects my quality of sleep. I wake up numb on my right side from staying in the same position all night. Anyway, I figured since it only happened occassionally, and only at night when I didn t actually NEED mobility, I just thought I would live with it, even though it SUCKS. However, yesterday I was walking and got the same pain. My knee didn t lock but it was the same burning pain in the very same location. It was just a shooting pain, but it terrified me. I simply cannot accept this pain in my day-to-day life. It would be debilitating. Does anyone know what this might be? I have tried to research it and I see lots of things that sorta sound like it at first but then when I dig deeper it never really seems to match what I am experiencing. I am signing up for private health insurance today ($250/mo!!! ) and will see a doctor ASAP but in the meantime does anyone have any suggestions as to what s going on?

The knee clicks a little when I bend it now, (no pain) not so you can hear it, but more like I can feel it if I put my hand on my kneecap while bending it. Other times, say I m standing and I go to turn and take a step at the same time, it will pop loudly. The pain is across the front of my kneecap, all the way from one side to the other, and of course inside my knee. I don t feel it in the back of my knee. I don t remember any major trauma to that leg or knee specifically. OTOH, a job that I held about 5 years ago did subject me to constant small injuries from head to toe. It was a very physical job and I got bumped everywhere quite a bit, but just bruising, no real injuries. Also, I drove a vehicle for a couple of years and the dash was such that I constantly would bash my right knee on it when I got in. I don t know if any of that is relevant to this pain now, I m just trying to give whatever history I can think of. This has been affecting my sleep for years now. I m desperate. Any advice is MUCH appreciated!

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