wrestler who killed his family and himself

An autopsy determined that both had been asphyxiated, though mother and son were apparently killed hours apart. БWhile we donБt have that nailed down completely,Б Mr. Ballard said, Бit would appear that some period of time elapsed between the death of the two victims and the suicide, and it struck me as somewhat bizarre that perhaps he would even be in the home with their deceased bodies. Б
Mr. Benoit won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2004. World Wrestling Entertainment, via Associated Press Mr. Ballard said a number of prescription drugs were found in the home, including anabolic steroids, and that they appeared to have been prescribed legally for Mr. Benoit. The authorities would not speculate on a motive, but said Ms. Benoit had filed for divorce and had applied for a restraining order against her husband in 2003, saying Mr. Benoit had threatened her and had broken furniture in their home. She later dropped the complaint. People who knew the Benoits were shocked by the deaths. БIБm in the dark,Б said Kevin Sullivan, a former professional wrestler who was previously married to Nancy Benoit.

БI wrestled with him a lot. I thought he was a great performer. Б Mr. Sullivan added, БLast night when I found out, it was shocking, just shocking. Б Though toxicology tests will not be completed for weeks, the presence of steroids in the home has led wrestling observers to speculate that the wrestler may have snapped in an episode of ББroid rage. Б But Christopher Nowinski, a former professional wrestler who worked with Mr. Benoit, and who was forced to quit because of head injuries, said he believed that repeated, untreated concussions might have caused his friend to snap. БHe was one of the only guys who would take a chair shot to the back of the head,Б Mr. Nowinski said, Бwhich is stupid. Б Mr. Nowinski has written a book called БHead Games: FootballБs Concussion CrisisБ (Drummond Publishing Group, 2006), about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a condition that can cause memory loss, depression and Бbizarre, paranoid behavior. Б Mr. Nowinski said that he had been trying to persuade the coroner examining Mr.

Benoit to allow a brain exam to look for the telltale neurofibrillary tangles in the brainБs cortex, but that he had thus far been rebuffed. БPart of me hopes there was something wrong with his brain,Б Mr. Nowinski said. БThe Chris Benoit I knew was always more concerned about everybody elseБs well-being than his own. Б His ring nicknames included The Pegasus Kid, Wild Pegasus, Rabid Wolverine, The Shooter, The Canadian Crippler and Toothless Aggression - owing to a missing upper tooth. During his career he fought all over the world, most notably in Japan, Germany, Mexico, Canada and the States. Benoit, whose trademark moves included the Swandive Headbutt and the High Speed Powerbomb, was also part of a tag team called The Radicalz. In November 2005, Benoit broke down on television following the death of his close friend, and fellow professional wrestler, Eddie Guerrero. On its website, World Wrestling Entertainment released the following statement: World Wrestling Entertainment is deeply saddened to report that today Chris Benoit and his family were found dead in their home.

There are no further details at this time, other than the Benoit family residence is currently being investigated by local authorities. WWE extends its sincerest thoughts and prayers to the Benoit family s relatives and loved ones in this time of tragedy. Benoit was scheduled to perform at the Vengeance pay-per-view event on Sunday night in Houston, but was replaced at the last minute because of personal reasons. Carl DeMarco, the president of WWE Canada, said: My relationship with Chris has extended many years and I consider him a great friend. Chris was always first class - warm, friendly, caring and professional one of the best in our business. Benoit's 47-year-old wife Nancy managed several wrestlers and went by the stage name, "Woman". The couple met when her then-husband drew up a script that had them involved in a relationship as part of an ongoing story line on World Championship Wrestling. Benoit has two other children from a prior relationship.

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