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why does my orange broadband keep disconnecting

I've had problems with Orange ever since they migrated my line to LLU in october and I am not alone - there is a website dedicated to the problems called orangeproblems. co. uk They have spent the last 3 months making me try all sorts of 'solutions' except draw the obvious conclusion that the LLU has not been done properly. Both my Belkin wireless ADSL router and the supplied Speedtouch modem were working fine until they 'upgraded' the line from 2. 0 to 3. 5 Meg.

Before the upgrade I regularly achieved 2 Meg; the best I get now is 1. 7 and the worst is 0. 3 Meg. The same thing may have been inflicted on you - ask them if they have upgraded the line recently. worst of all is that it is apparently more difficult to obtain a MAC code when your line has been 'LLU'D'! I'd like to see the System Uptime from the top of the System Log page, before you do any of the other steps in this post.

Try plugging your router into the hidden test socket that is revealed when you remove the bottom half of the split faceplate (2 screws) of your master socket. Only do this if you have a split faceplate. Do you have any extension sockets? Are there any wires connected to back of faceplate?

Post the router stats when plugged into test socket. Leave it running a few days then repost them. Try the BT Quiet Line Test (dial 17070 Opt 2), preferably with a corded phone, in the test socket with the router disconnected. If there is any noise, report to your landline provider as a voice fault (don't mention Broadband). Often sorting out voice faults will fix the Broadband as well.

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