wow mounts and how to get them

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Blizzard has finally added a new 200x mount plateau to reach and be rewarded. Those dedicated and able to complete this grind will earn or. This guide will assist with the 200x mount achievements. However, it is written in a fashion that is invaluable for the most hardcore mount collectors. One may have noticed for a short time that your mount count on battle. net did not coincide with what is seen in game if you have played characters on both factions. At MoP launch, mounts went account-wide and both factions were represented on this online count. Rest assured, Blizzard heard the clammer and brought it back to the old status-quo. However, this guide allows people to collect on both sides. As a result, it's important to be able to distinguish which mounts are faction specific and which are not. We all want one of everything don't we? Well, that's where this guide shines. Faction specific mounts are separated out via tabs making it easier to distinguish what you may be missing if you have haven't ventured over to both horde and alliance. Readability and organization were prime concerns for managing over 350x mounts and as a result you'll notice the following features implemented: Black Market purchasable items display the icon For those just starting out, I suggest first focusing on faction rep.

I've always found it more time efficient to also work on multiple mounts when possible. For instance, wear your while farming for. For those that are veterans looking to fill holes, I challenge you to reach the 300x mount mark. I know that's my focus as I climb up the. :) I want to thank you for taking the time to browse my first guide and please vote, bookmark, and share with others if you find my efforts beneficial. Note: I have retired from WoW at the very end of 5. 2 and am instead playing the Trading Card-MMO Hybrid Game called. As I've poured in so much time and effort into this guide, I don't wish to completely abandon it. I may make updates every few months, but won't be johny-on-the-spot like I was before. Feel free to provide a complete list of all the new mounts in comments and I'll update when I can. Remember, I don't play this game anymore, so make it easy on me. I 3 you guys!!! Staff Note: This guide covers all mounts added through Mists of Pandaria. For Warlords Mounts, please check out the. The following chart shows what percentage of Wowhead users with Faction Rep Mounts (70x) PVP Mounts (11x) Misc Mounts (9x) Faction Rep Mounts (69x) PVP Mounts (11x) Misc Mounts (9x) Faction Rep Mounts (52x) PVP Mounts (4x) Profession / Class Mounts (20x) Achievement / Quest Mounts (32x) Recruit-A-Friend (4x) Money Mounts (28x) On Armory - Not Live (16x) Retired (55x) Recent Patch Mounts (13x) Part 3 of our guide to World of Warcraft mounts covers the ultra-rare mounts available only through special promotions and loot cards from the World of Warcraft trading card game.

Find out which cards grant which mounts and how and where to redeem your loot codes. Want to use your flying mount in Northrend? Wondering what cold weather flying is? Want to know where you can, and can't, fly in Northrend? This guide will have you in the skies of Northrend in no time. Sure, your race's default mount is serviceable, but what you really mount is to be riding in style atop the sweet mount of another Alliance race. Want to know how? Our guide has all the info on reputation grinding and vendor locations you'll need to make your dream a reality. There are several fantastic mounts available to those who enjoy the wholesale slaughter of their fellow players. Learn how to earn all of the PvP mounts available to Alliance characters.

With the rerelease of the new Venomhide Ravasaur mount the WoW community has been scrambling to get their hands on it. Find out how to obtain your very own Venomhide Ravasaur mount right here. Mount collecting is becoming increasingly-popular within World of Warcraft. With dedicated in-game achievements awarded for large collections, players are working hard to pick up as many mounts as possible. Our guide shows you which mounts are available as rewards for in-game achievements. Check out all the great World of Warcraft mounts that can be earned by grinding reputation with the game's various factions. We've got info on some of the coolest mounts in the game, including the Sha'tari Nether Rays and the extremely rare Green Proto-Drake. Sure, your goblin character loves to ride around on his fancy motorcycle, but just imagine how sweet he'd look atop a war raptor. Gaining access to another Horde faction's mount is not the ordeal it once was, now players of any level can pick up a sweet new mount with just a little effort. You're working on faction rep and other achievements, why not get the rare flying mounts while you're at it? Here's the skinny on Filling Up your Barn in WoW.

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