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why does my hamster bite her cage

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, and they're good about entertaining themselves. But they still want a little love sometimes. If your hamster is chewing on the cage bars, it's oftentimes because he wants your attention. Hamsters should get individualized attention every day, even if it just means taking him out of the cage for a little cuddling or time in the exercise ball -- during his waking hours only; don't wake him regularly.

Staying inside his enclosure all the time can lead to something like cabin fever. In such a case, a hamster won't hesitate to let you know he needs some attention.
Cage-chewing by hamsters has more than just a practical purpose.

Some hammies take to chewing bars as a means of letting off steam and excess energy, according to Martha Boden of the Small Animal Channel. Some hamsters find the activity fun and enjoyable. In some situations, hamsters aren't aware they're chewing on anything -- because they're sound asleep as they do it.

Some hammies start chewing bars because they're simply mimicking another hamster's actions. Hamsters may find the sound of gnawing on the cage bars pleasant or comforting. In many cases, cage chewing is a simple phase in hammies -- one that they grow out of in a span of six months or so.

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