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why does my dog vomit in the morning

The solution to this problem is often very straightforward: feed the dog a small meal right before bedtime. This should help settle the stomach and ultimately solve the problem as the acid production would cease. Of course, this won't always work as there may be other potential causes for vomiting bile, so please see your vet if the problem continues. When I used to work at the vet hospital and owners would call us about their dogs vomiting bile, they were often surprised to hear this simple solution. Some of them called us back to let us know how well it worked. Here are two other things to try to see if they help stop these morning episodes. Feed Dogs Twice Daily, Once After 7 PM
It also helps to ensure the dog gets fed at least twice a day, with the second meal after 7 PM. When dogs are fed only once a day, the stomach may stay empty for too long, which results in bilious vomiting syndrome.

In some cases, it may also help to divide the dog's daily food portion in three or four small feedings during the day. If your dog is acting normal and eating and defecating normally, it helps to reduce the time in between meals, explains veterinarian For severe cases, veterinarians may prescribe (the active ingredient of Pepcid A/C). In this case, famotidine will reduce acid secretion and prevent the chances for injury to the dog's esophageal mucosa.

Some vets will use sulcralfate, omeprazole or even reglan instead. Reflux Gastritis While reflux gastritis sounds horrible, it occurs when your dog s stomach is no longer able to tolerate a large buildup of the acid that in the stomach that occurs when they rest for long periods of time, such as at night. Most dogs go to bed with an empty stomach so there is no food within the stomach to act as a buffer for the acid. Giving your dog a small snack before bed can help alleviate reflux gastritis and stop them from throwing up in the morning. Pregnancy Just like with humans, dogs can experience morning sickness when they are pregnant.

If you have just bred your female dog and you notice she is throwing up in the morning, there is a strong chance that she is pregnant. The morning sickness will go away once she whelps. Pancreatitis Pancreatitis is when there is inflammation in the pancreas. It is more common in large breed dogs and can cause your dog to throw up bile in the mornings. You may notice your dog is lethargic, weak and has a decreased appetite. Your veterinarian will run diagnostic tests to determine if your dog is indeed suffering from pancreatitis. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Also known as IBD, inflammatory bowel disease can cause your dog to throw up in the morning.

IBD develops for a number of different reasons. Your dog will suffer from gastric immobility and that causes IBD to occur. When your dog first wakes up and becomes active, they will vomit anything that is in their stomach. Your veterinarian will suggest diet change and possible medications and dietary supplements. Colitis Colitis will impede your dog s ability to normally process food and this causes gastric distress. Parts of your dog s bowel system will become inflamed and cause regular diarrhea, flatulence and vomiting. Your veterinarian will recommend diet changes and possible medications to alleviate colitis.

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why does my dog throw up in the morning
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