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why does my hair grow so slow male

Medical researchers with the help of physicianвs observations have learned that slow hair growth is associated with many causes in children, women and men. Some of these underlying causes are very easy to fix; but others require medical treatment. Unusually
slow hair growth is cause for concern and should be taken seriously. Below are five reasons for this condition. 1. Chronic vitamin deficiency is a common cause world wide for slow hair growth. This is seen in poor neighborhoods in the U. S, Canada and the U. K. , as well as in third world countries where there is difficulty balancing the nutritional needs. The condition may be the first of several signals that other medical issues are on the horizon. Rickets, Chronic Anemia and Diabetes are some examples. 2. High levels of stress is a confirmed cause of slow hair growth. Stress comes in a variety of formats. Some types of stress related to slow growth include workaholics and high achievers. People who strive for perfection are prone to this condition, as well. Additionally, recent studies indicate that people who live in demanding, controlling or abusive situations display retarded hair growth. Usually, if this is severe, emotional or mental counseling is effective to reverse the symptoms. 3. Hypothyroidism is typically found as an underlying cause of slow hair growth in children. Other symptoms include retarded physical growth that is well below the norm expected for the age of the child; and, slowing of understanding common words and concepts for the age.

Sometimes, this can be a symptom of mental retardation. The only way to know if your child does have this problem is to see your pediatrician; and, ask if this is a possibility. 4. Alopecia is the most common known factor for slow hair growth. This disease is seen in both men and women and has many forms to it. Women, more than men, notice that their hair is growing more slowly than it used to. Men notice it when thinning spots appear on the crown of the head or fuzzy hairs take the place of strong thicker hair. So far, researchers have concluded that the cause is related to a gene that is unable to communicate with other genes that direct the cycle of hair growth. 5. Genetic or hereditary baldness in men and women presents with slow hair growth because of an increase in a hormone that inhibits the messaging of hair receptors. This hormone is called DHT. In both of the last two causes, medications on the market and in pipeline research are quite effective for stopping and reversing the effects of slow hair growth. (Photo: Kamil Macniak/Shutterstock) Do you get major hair envy when you look at anyone with long, flowing hair? Have you seriously considered getting? Do you wish you could use the on just one selfie?

If you feverishly nodded in agreement to all the previous questions you probably want your hair to grow faster than it does, or at all. ( ) Have you ever stopped looking at all the for one minute to try to figure out why your hair doesn t grow like Rapunzel s? We interviewed Luis Payne, the Artistic Director at В andВ NYC hair specialist and restoration expertВ Dr. Robert Dorin to figure out possible reasons why your hair doesn t grow. 1. Your hair growth cycle could be long. (Photo: Eviled/Shutterstock) 2. You re not getting your hair cut frequently. (Photo: Tyler Olson/Shutterstock) If you want to grow your hair longer, getting regular haircuts (read: at least every 6 to 12 weeks) is essential. Dr Dorin explains, It is important to note that regular haircuts donвt make your hair grow faster, rather, regular trims prevent hair breakage which can make hair appear to grow slower. Long hair is older and fragile so it needs regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Even if your hair grows slowly, you should still get half an inch or so trimmed off. to see more reasons why you re hair grows really slowly and tips to speed it up. 3В Your styling tools could be impeding your hair growth. (Photo: Daniel_Dash/Shutterstock) Dr. Dorin states, Over-styling over-processing and rough handling are all main factors in hair growth. If you re addicted to your blow-dryer, you might want to try on occasion.

Furthermore, stop yanking it when you re stressed. Take a look at your hair products too. Dr. Dorin suggests using quality hair styling products such as silicone-free. They contains 18-MEA technology that works to replenish this important protective layer of the hair shaft, restoring the integrity of the hairвs surface with routine use. 4. Your diet and health could be affecting your tresses. (Photo: В Aleksandra Zaitseva/Shutterstock) It s not just your that can slow down your hair growth, diet and medications can also play a part. Dr Dorin states, Diet is a main reason for hair not growing past a certain length. One big culprit? Low ferritin levels. A lack of ferritin can result in the hair moving out of the growing phase and into the breakage stage. Vitamins B12 and Zinc are also very important to your hair s length and texture. If you don t get enough zinc your hair can be very brittle and break easily. В An underactive/overactive thyroid could be another issue. It s important to ensure you have a nutrient-rich diet. Luis Payne says that if you take a multivitamin every day itВ will enable your bloodstream to carry those nutrients to your follicle encouraging new hair growth during the Anagen stage. Make sure you re taking them every day and that you stick with it since it will take a few months to notice a difference.

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