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why do you get cotton mouth from weed

SUMMARY: With cannabis becoming legal for recreational use in more places, its effects on chronic bad breath have suddenly become relevant. Posted: July 11, 2017
With cannabis products becoming legal for recreational use in states across the country, it s time to think about how these items fit into daily life. We ve previously discussed how. Drying out the mouth, whether it s through alcohol or sugary foods, can lead to an increased risk of bad breath, giving bacterial reactions the environment they need to thrive. As it happens, the age-old specter of marijuana-related dry mouth is yet another possible source of odor. Sometimes, it s worth taking a moment to look around at how much society has changed - ten years ago, would it have seemed likely to be discussing the bad breath implications of legally available recreational marijuana products? Yet here we are, and responsible, legal age users of these items have to work them into their lives like any other hobby. Weed out the real issue The past decade-and-change has seen scientists focus on elements such as the dry mouth feeling that comes from the use of cannabis products. were carried out by the University of Buenos Aires. The research linked the saliva reduction to THC, the ingredient that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. The research is actually a fascinating twist on old myths - while there was an assumption that smoking marijuana naturally dried the mouth out due to heat and smoke, the blame actually lies with the chemical compounds at work.

That means that there is a great chance of dry mouth even when the method of cannabis consumption doesn t involve smoking - edibles, vaporizing and other methods also act as THC delivery systems. Marijuana seed provider Sensi Seeds adds detail gleaned from the Buenos Aires study, explaining that the submandibular glands, which produce over half of the mouth s saliva, contain cannabinoid receptors. When these receptors interact with the substances found in THC, their normal activity ends up blocked. This is complex science at a microscopic level, but the end result is quite simple: less saliva and a feeling of mouth dryness, which can lead to further problems. Watch out for dry mouth While dry mouth may seem to just be an inconvenience, it can lead to other health issues. We recently spoke to the White Mountain Independent. In short, when there isn t enough saliva in the mouth, all the important functions fulfilled by this substance - breaking down food debris, fighting viruses, reducing the amount of bacteria - become less effective. Marijuana products aren t the only cause of mouth dryness - not by far - but they are one of the less-discussed. Cigarettes are another potential risk item, as are a host of different medications and alcohol. The dry mouth symptoms caused by alcohol can be even more serious than the kind stemming from cannabis use, with saliva and oxygen both reduced and the mouth at the mercy of harmful bacteria.

Restoring saliva, protecting the mouth Fortunately for sufferers of dry mouth, whatever the cause, there are products that can restore proper saliva production and defend against continued issues including bad breath or even gum disease. This focus on healthy saliva coincides with TheraBreath s mission to create products that counter bad breath by attacking the causes rather than just covering up the symptoms. It also stands in stark contrast to some kinds of mints and mouthwashes that contain sugar or alcohol, respectively, and can make problems worse instead of better. The following are a few of our Dry Mouth Oral Rinse: This is a mouthwash formulated with saliva enhancers, moisturizers and natural salivary enzymes to counter dry mouth and restore the healthy production of saliva. The product is about getting the body functioning the way it should rather than creating an unnatural reaction - the human mouth contains its own best defense systems. Dry Mouth Lozenges: There are hundreds of mints and lozenges in the world, and many of them cause problems instead of solving them. The problem comes from the substances in these products, such as sugar. Why use a mint that runs the risk of worsening mouth dryness? TheraBreath s lozenges use the natural sweetening agent xylitol and are based on a three-step action to freshen the mouth.

The legalization of cannabis products has brought a new reason to pay attention to dry mouth symptoms. From alcohol to sugars, items that block the natural production of saliva are fairly common, and therefore solutions that attack the problem at its source will always be relevant. If you ve ever ripped a bong or smoked a bowl then you have almost certainly experienced cotton mouth before. It happens frequently when smoking (not always, but often). For most of time, people have assumed it s just a harmless side-effect. New research mentioned in this clip above from MerryJane suggests it might potentially have a link to gum disease, but that s not what we re here to talk about. You bros want to know what causes the Cotton Mouth sensation every time you smoke, and that s what you ll learn above. It has to do with cannabinoid receptors throughout your body. Thankfully, the end of Cotton Mouth forever could be in the very near future. A doctor has recently filed a U. S. patent for the first product designed specifically to combat the Cotton Mouth sustained from smoking the stickiest of the icky. His product consists of lemon pulp and grape seed extract, and it purports to stave off Cotton Mouth for up to six hours, which is more than enough time to smoke and sober back up. Yes, the future is now. We might defeat -induced Cotton Mouth forever.

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