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why do wasps sting you for no reason

It always seem like an indiscriminate attack on a hot summerвs day в but it turns out that thereвs an actual reason why weвre stung by bees and wasps, and itвs not all that surprising. In short, they will only sting when threatened, and their attacks are often a response to a particular chemical given off by other members of their hive. But while thereвs more than 20,000 species of bees, most of these are solitary and do not sting. Instead, weвre mainly attacked by the social wasps that live in large hives в and only female bees and wasps are capable of stinging. A video by The American Chemical Society has now outlined exactly how pheromones are involved, and explains that a single wasp sting secretes pheromones в and acts as a trigger for a hive to attack humans when they come dangerously close.

Thereвs also a bit of credence given to the theory that weвre better off standing still when wasps land on us в as it doesnвt disturb them and they become quickly bored of our scent. Describing the threat of bee stings, host Sophia Cai says in the video: вBoth social wasps and honeybees use alarm pheromones to warn their buddies about nearby dangers. MORE: MORE: вIf a hive or nest is disturbed, guard wasps will send out these guard molecules to rally the troops. в
So there we have it, donвt disturb the wasps.

You must always put your own health above that of a wasp. If a wasp lands on you wait for it to fly off or brush gently off with something like a small piece of paper ( do not brush it with your hand ). If you are faced with a wasp dont challenge it - it is far better for you to leave the area (e. g. car, kitchen, picnic area) until the wasp has gone. Do not run or thrash or swat. If there is only one wasp, then keep still and, when safe, move to shade or away from what is attracting the wasp. If stinging seems inevitable, then cover your face with hands or clothing or get face-down on the ground.

If there are multiple wasps then your removal to safety is urgent. If you use a spray to kill a wasp leave the room immediately after spraying because a dying wasp is prone to stinging. An apparently dead wasp may be only stunned. Stinging is one of its last powers. If you spray insecticide remember to remove food, cover fruit and protect pets and people from inhalation. If you find what appears to be an old and seemingly inactive wasp nest do not disturb it until you have been able to observe it in warm weather. There may still be living wasps inside.

Wasps fly to the light when sources of sweet food are covered. You need one source of light, preferably a window. Turn off electric lights. If you have two windows in the room close the curtains of one. You can trap a wasp by placing the open end of a small to medium sized glass tumbler over the insect and placing this firmly against the window. You can then slip something firm but thin like a postcard between the window and the glass. Keeping the glass firmly closedPwith the card you can then release the insect outside. Once released you should quickly leave the area, go back inside the house and close the door.

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