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why does my arm fall asleep when i lay down

This pins and needles sensation is known as. Most of the time, the cause is simple. It may happen if youБve lain on your arm or otherwise put pressure on it. This prevents the blood from flowing correctly to your nerves. Poor positioning may also lead to pressure being placed directly on a nerve. The nerves react to the lack of blood flow or pinching by causing momentary tingling. If you wake up with this feeling, readjust to relieve this pressure. Your arm will generally Бwake up,Б and the tingling will stop.

More chronic paresthesia may be a sign of an underlying medical issue. Possible conditions might include:
There are many types of, and they all help maintain cell health and keep you energized. Although many people get enough B vitamins through their diet, some people may also need to take supplements to meet their recommended daily amount. If you arenБt getting enough vitamin B, you may experience paresthesia. This is most common among: people with can be caused by a number of things, including and fluctuating hormone levels during.

This can cause swelling to occur throughout the body or it can also be localized in certain body parts. Sometimes this swelling can disrupt circulation and trigger a tingling sensation in the affected area. If the numbness or tingling is also affecting your hand, it may be caused by. This happens when the median nerve is compressed or pinched. Making the same motions repeatedly, such as typing on a keyboard or working with machinery, can trigger it. If you have diabetes and are experiencing paresthesia regularly, it may be caused by nerve damage.

This damage is called, and is caused by persistently high blood sugar levels. Conditions affecting the central nervous system, such as and, can also cause paresthesia. Tumors or growths, particularly those located in the or spine, may also trigger it. Dear Anon, I suggest you see a neurologist. Long term nerve damage can complicate matters as you get older. There are tests that can assess the nerve conduction and health of your nerves.

If you have been having problems most of your life, it is probably time to get a diagnosis before you face another complication. Another problem with numbness on your arms could be linked with cervical spine degeneration i. e. disks which could cause pinching of nerves thus causing numbness. The main thing is to have a qualify doctor do an evaluation, run some tests and if all are negative, then you can try gentle exercises such as Tai-Chi or Yoga that allow the body to stretch nice and easy. March 16, 2009 - 9:26pm

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