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why do vitamins make me feel sick

some brands of vitamins make me feel queasy - trader joe's multis, for example, but there were others including national brands. i found one that didn't - whole foods' 365 adult multis - and that's what i take now. most vitamins have really high amounts of some b vitamins - 1600% or more is common. if you have a problem taking ultra high amounts of various b vitamins - and some do - you may have to search high and low to find one that doesn't have this, although if you happen to live by a whole foods, they have one of the few low potency vitamins still made - the 365 brand adult multis. but if you search the net you may find others. have you tried vitamins with no iron at all? most multis have some - i know because my son throws up when he takes multis with iron. since he eats meat, he doesn't need the extra iron, and has been able to take vitamins since.
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