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why does my child shout when he talks

My son also shouts when he talks - hes always been 20 octaves louder than other children and gets even more louder when he is excited! He is (believe it or not) sensitive to loud noises. I HAVE had his ears checked and he has perfect hearing. its just so frustrating on parents evening when the class teacher tells you 4 times in a 10 minute slot But he's very loud doh tell me something I don't know!!!

On a positive - he was delighted in his school play to get one of the lead roles. because HE'S LOUD! ho hum. back to reminding him to use an indoor voice!
Hi I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old (Both birthdays will be in April), when they speak to me or anyone else they shout at them, it can get really frustrating when they just randomly shout down your ears especially when they do it together!

I keep telling them I am here you do not need to shout at me but they do not seem to have any sense of volume levels?

They have both had hearing tests so its nothing to do with their ears. The thing is they are really quiet around other people and shy, Jayden's teacher at school said that he is so quiet! I am thinking well he certainly is not at home lol! They both do it which is strange but they give me a headache nearly every day, they are so loud but there is no need for it.

Are anyone elses children like that? No matter how many times I tell them not to shout, they still do it, its like they don't realize that they are shouting! Any suggestions please??

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