why does my above ground pool keep turning green

Recurring algae can be a problem this time of the year. ThereВcan beВseveral contributing factors, heat, rain, letting chemicals get out of balance, and evenВtransfer form one pool to another. Recurring algae is usually Mustard Algae. It is a yellowish green color that usually starts growing on the pool walls and on the pool floor. В It will then turn the pool water green. So how do you get rid of mustard Algae and keep it from coming back?

First vacuum the pool on the waste setting. Mustard Algae is resistant to the normal chlorine levels so to get rid of Mustard Algae you can use a Yellow Out type product. To keep the Mustard Algae from returning to your pool you should use copper algaecide. Copper algaecide should be used as per the manufacturer instructions and should not be used during high levels of chlorine to prevent staining.

Use clarifier to help filter out the algae and Metal Out orВDemineralizer to prevent staining.
Use a water clarification solution. Make sure you have a reliable chlorinating system, whether it is an in-line, floater, or salt system. Chlorine needs to be in the pool always. Throwing a jug of liquid in it once a week isn't a good way of maintaining the pool.

A simple tablet chlorine floater is very effective. You can purchase one on eBay for a reasonable price (see below). Clean your filter. DE filters are by far the best filter to have. Although a bit more costly to purchase at first, they will save you both time and lots of money in the long run. Normal Filter Maintenance DE filters: Sand filters: Backwash once every two weeks. (Be sure to backwash your sand filter for a minimum of four minutes.

Otherwise, you will see filthy water shooting back into the pool. ) Cartridge filters: Every three to four weeks, unless you see algae in the pool, in which case you should clean more often. Soak in tri-sodium phosphate every three months.

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