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world of tanks how to use artillery

So you want to try artillery and rain death upon your opponents. PPYou get an arty tank and head out. PPBut something seems wrong. PPYou're not hitting much, whereas other arty are just pounding people. Something seems missing. PPIt gets frustrating. PPSoon you resort to running around as an ungainly Tank Destroyer, as the arty ability seems worthless. doing it right for more than 100 arty games, and then finally stumbling across the important stuff. PPDon't be a noob like I was - some of this stuff is not intuitive, so read all the points. 1). PPTo enter the artillery overview mode, hit the "Left-Shift" button. PPNow you have a top-down view of the battlefield. 2). PPIn the top-down view, you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. 3). PPThe green line represents what you can potentially hit. PPThe red lines show obstructed areas. PPThe gray line means it is out of range. 4). PPThe "Golden Rule of Arty Dots" - if you see an oval of dots in your top-down view, that's the area your shot will land in. PP
If you don't see the dots, it doesn't matter if there is a green line to the target, your gun is not facing the right way. PPTo resolve this, rotate the hull of the tank. PPYou may have to zoom out in top-down view to see the dots as they track around. PPNote that in some tanks the hull will rotate automatically (abliet slowly) and the SU-26 is an exception as it has a turret (so auto-rotates). 5). PPOnce you have the dots showing in the target's area, hit "X" to stabilize the gun. PPThis will prevent the hull from moving but will increase the accuracy. 6). PPCenter the "oval of dots" over your target, adjust for any movement (it takes a second or two for the arty shot to get there), and shoot. PPIf the target is stationary, try to put the tank between the "crosshatch-mark" and the "center-dot" to increase the chances of hitting it. 7).

PPIf you are following a target and the dots stop moving while you are tracking it, hit "X" to unlock the gun stabilization and allow the hull to turn. PPManually turn the hull if need be. PPThen hit "X" to stabilize the gun once you have the target lined up. 8). PPRain death upon your opponents!!! - Find a good place to set up. PPHiding is good, like in a bush or behind a building. PPMove away from your base a bit if possible to avoid getting shot up by base-rushers. -- switch back to normal view by hitting (Left-Shift), and get ready for a direct-fire "shotgun" attempt on them. -- Use the attention function on the minimap to make your teammates aware of the problem (Hold down "Control", then mouse-click on the minimap). -- As soon as the enemy tank is dealt with, you will need to immediately relocate. PPEnemy arty will target your last known position and nuke you, so be sure to move away a bit. - Upgrade to a good radio as soon as you can, as this means access to more target data from your teammates. - If there are no targets showing to arty, feel free to ask your teammates to move up and light some up for you. - If arty is still frustrating after all this, see if you can get a SU-26 (Soviet SPG). PPIt's the games easiest arty to use and you can learn fast with it. PPHowever, it's tier 3, so you have to stumble through the tier 2 SU-18 first. Have fun! Self-propelled guns (also known as artillery, SPGs, arty ) are fragile armored vehicles which provide indirect fire support from a long distance. They are represented by a green or red square on the mini-map and over their respective target marker.

Artillery are the most unique class of armored vehicles in the game, sharing very few characteristics with the other four classes. Artillery's most distinguishing feature is its ability to aim and shoot over terrain and other obstacles. Unlike the other four classes, SPGs do not get a "sniper" mode. Instead, by pressing left shift, the player enters a birds-eye view which allows them to look at a limited area of any chosen part of the map. Using this view artillery can aim at enemy targets over terrain and structures (depending on the size of the structure, the trajectory of the shell, and the range of the artillery's gun). Artillery generally have the most powerful, highest caliber guns for their tier. Unlike most tanks and tank destroyers, artillery fire as their primary form of ammunition. This type of shell explodes on impact and does not need to penetrate a vehicle's armor to do damage. The explosion of a large HE shell can also deal splash damage to nearby targets (both allies and enemies) who aren't hit directly. These advantages do come at a price, however. Artillery guns usually have long reload times, poor accuracy, and are very slow to aim. Artillery cannot quickly change targets or follow fast-moving enemies without a considerable accuracy penalty. Like many, most artillery have limited-traverse guns mounted in their hull (although a few do get slow-turning turrets). Turning beyond a hull-mounted gun's maximum traverse range requires turning the vehicle's hull, which results in camo and accuracy penalties. In addition, artillery are also the most fragile class of vehicles in the game. Artillery can only withstand a few hits from even the smallest of enemy guns, and their high aim times and long reload times make it difficult for them to defend themselves against close-range attackers.

Artillery are glass cannons; they are best played far behind the front lines attacking targets that allied tanks may have difficulty damaging (usually, snipers, and opportunity targets). It is important for artillery to position themselves in an area where they can make a meaningful contribution to the game with their attacks, but are still stay safe from enemy and spotters. Artillery are almost purely a support class, and rely heavily on allied vehicles to spot and distract targets for them. It is important for artillery players to keep track of the map and re-position to safer areas when necessary. If re-positioning is not possible, an artillery can attempt to defend itself by using ambush tactics to surprise-attack enemies at point-blank range. They are the easiest class in the game. While all artillery must play as behind-the-lines vehicles giving support fire, there is some variety within the class. Some, such as the are capable of doing huge amounts of damage in one shot, but have extremely long reload times, and require special patience not to waste the few shots they can take. Others, such a the and many artillery, fire very quickly but have little to no splash radius and do very little damage. Beyond this, there are a whole host of other factors which differentiate artillery, such as shell velocity, shell trajectory, and mobility, all of which contribute to the different strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle. Since patch 9. 18, the role of artillery has changed. The alpha damage has been reduced, in exchange for better accuracy and the ability to "stun" enemy tanks, temporarily reducing their effectiveness while increasing their splash.

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