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why does my body ache in the morning

r Qing-Jun Meng, a Senior Research Fellow funded by Arthritis Research UK, said: БIt has been known for years that, as a consequence of the daily activity and resting cycle, we are taller in the mornings by up to 2cm more than when we go to bed. The discovery of body clocks in the disc may go some way to explain, for the first time, the science behind this rhythmic physiology of the spine. БOur research shows that this system is regulated by our internal body clock and when the body clock ceases to work properly during ageing or in shift workers, lower back pain is more likely to become an issue. Б
Sleeping often involves lying in slightly awkward positions held for long periods of time throughout the night. Your can cause sustained compression, pinching, oxygen starvation of tissues and decreased blood flow to your muscles. This in turn can result in a build-up of lactic acid which causes stiffness when you wake up the next morning. If you have a musculoskeletal condition such as arthritis, odds are this will affect how stiff you feel when you get up in the morning.

Arthritis often causes swelling and first thing in the morning and it can occur in any joint in the body. Inactive muscles and joints will most definitely be more likely to experience morning stiffness than those who regularly. This is because the muscles and joints are not regularly stretching, being strengthened, or circulating that important synovial fluid to keep the joints nice and lubricated. So, partaking in an activity that usually requires 8 hours of uninterrupted stillness will put your muscles and joints through their paces and you are likely to wake feeling stiffer in the morning which will gradually ease off throughout the day. Our bodies repress inflammation when we sleep which can result in worse pain when we wake up in the morning as the inflammation вswitches back onв. Research has found that exposure to constant light results in higher inflammatory markers than in the darkness indicating that our circadian rhythms (our internal clock that tells us when to go to sleep and when to get up again) have a role to play in modulating our pain.

As your joints get older, your cartilage (a firm connective tissue found in many areas of the body including the joints between bones) begins to stiffen and dry out. Whatвs more, the joint lining produces less synovial fluid which is responsible for lubricating the joint. As a result, this can cause stiffness and tightening during sleep which can make weak muscles and stiff tendons feel worse. What can you do to manage morning stiffness? Stretching helps to and get your synovial fluid moving again to lubricate the muscles which will help to ease off morning stiffness. Usually, when it comes to morning stiffness, the number one complaint is back pain, for more information on why this is you may wish to investigate my blog A stretch called is a fantastic way to combat this morning stiffness and get bodily fluids circulating throughout the body. How to do cat/cow pose: Come onto your hands and knees ensuring that your wrists are directly underneath your shoulders and that you knees are in line with your hips.

On an exhale, starting at the tailbone at the base of the spine, gently arch your back в only as far as feels comfortable в and let your chin drop in towards your chest. On your inhale, again starting at the tailbone, begin to tilt your pelvis in the opposite direction, dipping your tummy towards the ground and bringing your gaze to face straight ahead. Repeat this several times to feel the maximum benefits. If you have please pad up with a towel or pillow underneath to protect those all-important joints! This is another good one for improving circulation as a warm shower helps to dilate the blood vessels, relax muscle spasms and release any Normally when we experience muscle or joint pain our first instinct is to pop a pain killer for some instant relief, but how about swapping your conventional pain killer for a more natural and friendly alternative? is a natural herbal remedy licensed for the relief of muscle and joint pain. This remedy helps to relieve inflammation without any of the nasty side effects that can crop up with conventional pain killers.

Did you know that you can eat away your muscle and joint pain? A good nutritious breakfast can do wonders in supporting the health of your muscles and joints. Try to include muscle-friendly nutrients like in your breakfast to help supply your body with the nutrients it needs to relieve the morning aches. If you struggle to stay asleep throughout the full night and experience morning pain and stiffness, the anti-nap could be for you! We often say that you shouldnвt sit for long periods of time without a break and that you should get up and walk about before returning to your seated position. Well, the same goes for when you so rather than tossing and turning and trying to force yourself to get back to sleep when youвre too uncomfortable, get up and take a break. From an evolutionary perspective, our sleep cycles were designed in stages of deeps sleep surrounded by intervals of shallower sleep. These lighter stages of sleep helped us to scan for danger and are historically beneficial to our survival.

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