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why does my bluetooth mouse keep disconnecting

Hi there ,
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome! This is a great site to get answers and ask questions. I have looked into the issue you are having with Bluetooth and came across some documents that may help you resolve the Bluetooth issue. The first document I found is called. This document may be helpful because it walks you through connecting devices. The second document I found is called This document has other helpful information about drivers, making sure everything is Bluetooth enabled, fixing Bluetooth problems, etc.

Have you tried in the Device Manager to update the driver that is currently installed? In the device manager try selecting find new hardware. to the HP Support Assistant if you need it. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updating for Windows 10.

Here is a link from Microsoft called. Please let me know if I answered your question by clicking the if the troubleshooting steps in this post resolved the issue for you please click the button. This will allow other's who have the same issue to find the solution also. If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you.

Please just re-post with the results of the troubleshooting. Thanks! Regrettably, this has not fixed my problem which only just started after months of no problems with a Dell Inspiron 13 and two different bluetooth mice. The mouse connects at startup, then shortly, the mouse buttons stop working while the cursor remains active. The mouse then soon unpairs itself, and the tap, left and right buttons on the touchpad also stop repsonding.

Eventually, only touching on the screen works. i have unistalled and reinstalled the mouse and restarted the laptop several times, always with the same result. I downloaededtwo new Dell updates today, but the problem began before this. I would be grateful for help in troubleshooting this problem.

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