why does my blackberry bold keep rebooting itself

Aight will try do the battery thing. Had the device about a year. Didn't realize about charging tho, but normally full in the morning b4 work, after lunch time batt indicator turns yellow or red warning depends on my usage and will charge for power coz really need my berry for work stuff. But now, just unstable keeps on warning low battery about 30mins of surfing the net. More worst keeps on rebooting madly even during opening apps that needs internet in 3G/2G mode n chats or snap a pic from camera.

Anyway thanks for all ur feedbacks n other future replies/feedbacks/solutions are much appriciated!!
Dear beloved Blackberry users. If your blackberry ever becomes a nuked-berry, it can be fixed; you don"t need to buy a new one. Whats a Nuked-berry? Fatal errors during O/S Upgrades, installing 3rd party software that has a lot of glitches, malicious downloads and websites, are a few things that can cause a nuked-berry.

When your Blackberry is nuked, it will do one or more of the following: will attempt to reboot over and over, will flash on for a few seconds with the red led and cut off without rebooting, will give a white screen with the spinning hour glass and do nothing else. These are the most common symptoms, but there are other things that can also indicate a nuked-berry. But needless to say it will never be usable to you, unless you read the rest of this.

If you bring a nuked-berry to the store, they will tell you to buy a new one. That is NOT neccessary. To fix a nuked-berry you need to hook it up to a computer. But using Desktop Manager will be ineffective because it will only detect the phone for a few seconds. You need to trap the boot up process, and this can only be done with APPLOADER. APPLOADER is provided with Desktop Manager, but there is no link to it.

You need to find iton your hard drive. I don't want to post all the steps on this posting, every situation is unique. Email me at [. ], and I will walk you through the steps. I have never come accross a Blackberry that I couldn't fix, and I came accross a lot of them, I even had people bring me Blackberrys that went swimming. [. ] Message was edited by: mapesy, who removed private information from a public forum

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