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why does my blackberry 9300 battery drain so fast

I'm all out of ideas on this one, i've searched everywhere but could not find any solutions to this problem. My BlackBerry Curve 9300 was working fine with excellent battery health, hardly ever getting flat. That was up until around 4-6 days ago when suddenly it just started to go off at random times. The battery would be full then on 90% it would go off and show battery low. Sometimes 70% and all random times, even went off just below 50% and yesterday again 30% without any warning, it just goes off. Then when you switch the phone on again, after the phone boots up, it shows that battery is drained and switches off unless I charge it. Then it starts charging from 0% or sometimes jump back to what it was before it said drained, when the charger is plugged in.

I have not installed any other or new applications then those which was already running on the phone. I checked and there is also no background applications running and anything that could be a problem i've tried checking. I've even done a software upgrade from the Desktop Software to my phone, but my problem still persists.
Hi - switched to Q and A mode from chat so we can continue in this mode if needed. I posted answer in the chat but the formatting was lost so I will repost it here so it's easier to read. 1. GPS turned off. This is number one battery drainer. Especially poor coverage and even with the radio off. P 2. BlackBerry Podcasts - verify do not have this loaded and or set to sync at intervals and not via mobile radio 3.

RSS feeds or BlackBerry News App - same as podcasts 4. Back light time out set to long - 30 seconds is normal. 2 minutes is not. P 5. Profile - vibrate, ring, for every message and LED indicator turned on for coverage indicator. Turn off unless you look at your LED for coverage. Huge battery drain. P 6. Connect to a BES? Password XXXXX? Use content protection? Big battery drain if this is on and there is a corrupt encryption key and the BB can't sync with the back end BES or even BIS server. P 7. Check you device logs. They tell a good story. Alt LG LG not case sensitive from your BB home screen. Hold down Alt key band type l g l g.

No spaces. Set the log in option to debug. Then look at the entries. They may seem cryptic but if you see a lot of similar entries for IPPP OR CMIME, with transfer of data packets and negative numbers means the device is constantly contacting the network. In poor coverage, that means anything less than 4 bars, will kill a BB quickly. P 8. Rare but seen it. Bad radio bad device. Return and get a new device. Not out of the realm of possibilities. P 9. Mail volume and auto more and more all. This one normal does not drain too bad but if you have quite a few email or multiple email push to the 9300 and more all is setup if can be sucking down a lot of data and combined with only 3 bars can drain a battery in 6 hours.

P 10. Any new BB app world app native to the device such as Traffic, news, travel, podcast, maps, etc all have settings that can be set to auto update. P 11. Google maps and GPS or GPS equivalent will chew up a battery quickly depending if it's on, coverage, location aiding turned on etc These are numerous and one of them or combo is likely the cause. P Use the device logs as mentioned to your advantage and post them here if you want and I will help dissect them. P Hope this has added a little more insight to this issue. As a BlackBerry device tester for many years, focused on battery issues, the process can be cumbersome sometimes trying to find the source. I can help if you trouble. P Thanks,

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