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why does my cell phone shut itself off

I was having this problem last week. It would shut itself down every couple of days and enter a coma. The only way to get it back on was to remove the battery and replace it. Sometimes it would happen a few times in a day, and sometimes it would happen only once a week. I called Verizon and they asked me to run the phone in safe mode to see if the problem persisted. Basically to see if it was an app issue or a hardware issue. The phone ran fine in safe mode for a couple of days and then it started doing it again. I contacted Verizon again to provide them an update. They concluded that it must be a hardware problem and sent me a new phone.

When I say "new" I mean the phone they sent had a wrapper and sticker on it that said "certified like new replacement. " So for all I know I got a refurb from someone else with a similar issue. On the positive side, Verizon has been working with me to correct the problem without me having to go to a Verizon store. They've paid all shipping charges as well. I activated my new phone and have had it for only one day. So far so good, but we'll have to see as time passes. My advice would be to create a tech history report ASAP. That way, if you do need to get a replacement they will have a record of your problem.

Hope we get this fixed. I'm told this was a common issue on the GS2.
Note: You must take a back-up of all your data because once you perform a factory reset on your device, all media, contents, data and other files are wiped out, including your device settings. is a great way to backup all your data to prevent it from getting lost after resetting the phone. It works brilliantly as it backs up all data and allows users to retrieve it fully or selectively. You can backup all files from your Android to PC in just a click and restore them later. Try this software for free before purchasing it to understand its working better.

It does not tamper with your data and only requires to follow the simple steps given below to backup your Android data: To start with, download and run dr. fone toolkit Android Data Backup Restore software on the PC. Once you have the main screen of the software with multiple options will appear before you, choose БData Backup RestoreБ option. Now connect the Android phone to the PC and make sure that USB debugging is turned on. Then hit БBackupБ and wait for the next screen to open. Now select the files to you want to be backed up. These are files recognized from your Android device. Hit "Backup" once selected.

There you go, you have successfully backed up data. Simply visit БSettingsБ on your Android phone by clicking the settings icon as shown below. And then select БBackup and ResetБ option. Once selected, tap on "Factory data reset" and then "reset device" as shown in the picture below. Finally, tap on БERASE EVERYTHINGБ as shown below to Factory Reset your device. Note: Once the factory reset process is complete, your device will automatically restart and you will have to set it up once again. You can restore the backup data on your Android device once you factory reset it, again using the dr. fone toolkit.

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