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why does my betta spit out its food

my new girl, Caroline, does that. often when she doesn't like the taste of pellets, or if they're too big. i solve it by offering her crushed pellets of a different kind(i have six different variety of pellets laying around), and she usually gobbles them up. :3 they may be too big for him. try crushing them up and offering them, or switch brands. flakes can be bad for bettas(they often swell up in their tummies, so make sure you soak them before giving them to him if you decide to go the flake rout), or, if you can, offer him live or frozen foods. :3 variety is good in a betta's diet!
I got my crown tail male about 8 or 9 days ago and I m starting to get really concerned.

I m trying to feed him every other day, 3 pellets.

The day after I got him, I tried to feed him, but he just spit them out. He grabs the pellet, nods his head, swims around for a minute, and then spits it out. Sometimes he spits it out immediately. Once it comes out it starts sinking to the bottom, and he ll chase it for a bit and then loses interest. 2 days later, I tried feeding him again, and he actually did well, he spit one out but I kept offering food until he was able to hold down 3 pellets.

Ever since then, he s eaten maybe one or two pellets. Some pellets are pretty big and some are tiny, so I tried offering just the small ones and he spits those out too! At first I wasn t too worried, but now that I ve had him for over a week, I m getting concerned.

He s still very active so I don t think it s harming him yet, but he must be starving! My last betta always gobbled up the Top Fin pellets from petsmart but this guy just won t have it. I know petsmart feeds the pellets to the bettas in the store, should I try those next? And if he keeps refusing the Top Fin pellets and won t eat the Aqueon ones, what should I try next?

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