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why does microsoft word keep crashing mac

I have had the same problem for years. Here is the low down on word. It's fine for short docs, 1-30 pages, But if like me you have a174 page long thesis with track changes by 4 people in it, it simply cannot handle the amount of data. It is so bulky with all its add on features, that it can crash.

Before I started my PhD I did lot of research on word processors and I found out that people who write books or long thesis do not ever use microsoft word. They use on the mac programs like mellel - a stable robust fast word processor. I did everything in mellel = had to trouble shoot to get track changes show up but it works.

You can export it into word for otehr if you are sharing. There is also scrivener and Ulyssis, just do some research on alternative word processors.
What ever you tried to post didn't come thru. If Word is crashing right away when you open it, then restart you computer and before starting anything else, go to your Applications folder and run the Font Book program located there.

On the File menu of Font Book choose the Validate Fonts option. It will tell you if it finds problems. All problems it finds must be resolved, which usually means moving to the trash any duplicate fonts.

Both Warnings and Errors have to be fixed. When done, empty the trash and shutdown your computer. Wait a couple of minutes before restarting it. After restarting try Word again and hopefully it works better. Hope this helps.

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