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why does microsoft security essentials says potentially unprotected

I ve seen it, too. It seems to be fairly common. I ve run into several theories about why this might happen. The warning that Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) throws is actually less than helpful. A scan hasn t been run in a while. The malware definition database is out of date. The Antimalware Service isn t running. More often than not, it s actually one of the first two. Yes, there s a small possibility that this is a side effect of malware on your machine. Based on how often I see this symptom on clean machines (including my own), I m skeptical that this is the case. On the other hand, it s also better to be safe than sorry, so running up-to-date
scans might be the first thing to do. Because that is exactly what you ve been doing and it still returns Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) to it s green/Protected state, my opinion is that this is not the case for you. If the status remains Unprotected or the scans never complete, then I d absolutely have you take the appropriate steps to from your machine, as well as uninstalling and re-installing MSE. There are options in the Applications section of the computer cleaning tool to clean MS AntiMalware, which I believe means that when selected, CCleaner may delete information that confuses MSE. In fact, it may be as simple as CCleaner removing MSE s own log files.

The result is that MSE thinks, Oh, gosh, you ve never run a scan, so you re Potentially Unprotected! I ve replicated this by running CCleaner and waiting a while. Eventually (at least for me), MSE reverts to that Potentially unprotected message, telling me that I ve not run a scan for a while, even though it also notes that the last scan was run 25 minutes ago. If this is the case, you can safely ignore it or configure CCleaner to not clean up the files relating to MS AntiMalware. We do often recommend that you run only one anti-malware tool at a time. Normally, this refers to the real-time scanning capabilities of each coming into conflict. In this case, the theory is that another anti-malware tool is somehow interfering with MSE s ability to run or remember that it has been run unrelated to real-time scans. Depending on the other package, it may be as simple as deselecting some of its scanning or privacy options or as extreme as uninstalling the other software completely. I believe that there is also the potential for miscommunication between your system and Microsoft s servers. MSE thinks it s out of date when it s not. It could be as simple as the time of day or date being wrong such that MSE gets the automatic update sequence a little confused.

Because you can run a manual scan to make that notification go away, that might be the simplest solution of all. I know that running a scan just to do this might be time consuming. That s why I wanted to reassure you that, in all likelihood, everything is actually okay. Note that the error message is not saying you are unprotected. It s saying you may be unprotected. In most all of the cases above, you are indeed protected and MSE is just a little confused. The other approach is simply to ignore it and give it time. MSE should eventually get itself up-to-date and run a scan on its own. It ll stop complaining about being potentially unprotected until, of course, whatever causes the issue reoccurs. Like I said, my belief is that this not a huge issue. I hate to be training people to ignore that Potentially unprotected warning, but this time, I believe that might be the most practical solution. Hi Johan, These appear to be two separate problems and no they are not common, but it's certainly not the first time we've seen either of them. Let's tackle them each in turn: Are you using CCleaner? Piriform has programmed it for some reason to remove part of the MSE History files and it's deleting the files MSE checks to determine the last time a scan was conducted.

This file removal has no effect on the antimalware protection provided by MSE. Open CCleaner Applications Tab, then Under Windows uncheck MS Antimalware. that should prevent CCleaner from deleting the MS Antimalware scanning history files. Per suggestion of also need to uncheck MS Management Console. You may need to run another quick scan and reboot the computer. If that isn't it, please check your system clock to make sure it is correct (even a few minutes can matter - but I've seen it say 1978 or 2286 for the year). Resync it with the internet clock. If it need to be changed and keeps happening, change the CMOS battery on the motherboard as that's almost always the cause of a system clock problem. What operating system and service pack? Prior Security Software? Any security software still installed? A possible reason for this problem is that you have conflicting security software installed fully or partially on the PC. Remove all other security software from the PC. Reboot. If that fails to resolve the problem, open an email support case: To open an email support case, start here: I'm assuming this has to do with installling MSE. If not, skip to the last paragraph for general assistance with Windows Genuine Validation.

MSE doesn't in and of itself cause genuine validation issues with computers - but the computer must be activated and have a genuine validated OS installed for MSE to be installed and continue working. I believe this was identified by installing MSE and think that the solution involves working with WGA as in the next paragraph or with applicable experts as noted in the following one. The issue is not MSE but genuine validation of your operating system. First try the following: to see if that resolves the problem. f the issue is that your OS is being termed БNon-genuineБ, then first check to see if your system passes the genuine validation test: and following the genuine validation problem instructions here:. If the problem does not go away or you still get the message, then I recommend further assistance at the following forum:, select whichever is applicable to your version of Windows, and start with the announcements at the top which will provide instructions on what to do to prepare your first post there so things will go faster and more smoothly. They will help determine the cause and what you need to do to fix it. I hope this helps. If not, please open an email support case at:. Good luck!

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