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why does my cat bite my feet when i walk

Listen to the audio version of this article Does this describe your home? You get up out of bed and start walking to the bathroom, only to have your ankles become the target of a cat attack. Does your cat hide under the bed until the moment when she sees your bare feet hit the floor and then she sinks her teeth or
into your flesh? Perhaps your cat waits around the corner for that moment when you walk down the hallway and then she launches into a perfectly timed ankle. Is there a solution? Yes. The reason your cat targets your ankles is because theyБre a moving target and if thereБs no other option for play or stimulation, the catб will focus on what s currently available. The prey-drive is triggered by objects moving across or away from the catБs visual field. If your cat isnБt getting adequate stimulation and playtime opportunities through interactive play therapy or adequate then sheБs going to take it upon herself to find a substitute. Unfortunately, that substitute is a painful one to the human. In order to stop the ankle attacks you need to provide the cat with a better option and that comes in the form of playtime opportunities with appropriate. YouБll do this in two ways. First, set up a schedule of doing on a daily basis. Use a fishing pole-type toy so you can mimic the movements of prey.

The fishing pole toy also puts a distance between your skin and the catБs teeth so it teaches the cat what is an acceptable target. Since cats would have several opportunities to hunt in an outdoor setting, schedule at least two interactive play sessions per day. Next on the list is to increase the fun factor in the overall environment. This will enable your cat to have opportunities for playtime even when you arenБt home. Use for your cat so sheБll have lots of chances to БworkБ for. Puzzle feeders provide cats with a natural progression of the hunt and the reward. You can also rotate your catБs regular toys so they donБt become boring. Take a long look at the types of solo toys youБve bought and see if they could use some improvement. A fuzzy ball is boring when itБs sitting in the toy basket but if you place it inside of an open paper bag that on its side on the floor then youБve increased the fun factor. There are many ways to increase environmental enrichment in your home so that your ankles are no longer the most appealing target. Use your imagination and create homemade puzzles and toys. Set up a cat tree by a window. Install a bird feeder outside. Use a to looking at the environment from a catБs point of view. Is it a boring environment? If so, then itБs time to roll up your sleeves and add some fun into your catБs life.

If your cat has her paws wrapped around your ankle and her teeth are sinking into your skin, whatБs the best thing to do? One thing you shouldnБt do is run or pull away because that will often only result in the cat down harder. Prey moves away so donБt act like prey when youБre bitten. Instead, confuse your cat by gently pushing toward her. This will often cause her to release her grasp because no self-respecting prey willingly heads toward the predator. Once the cat releases her grasp, stay still and ignore her. SheБll soon learn that biting flesh results in an immediate end to the fun. Need More Information? For more specifics on play therapy and how to use toys for behavior modification and correcting cat behavior problems, refer to any of, including the brand new release,. We re sorry but Pam is unable to respond to comments. If you have questions about cat behavior you can find many answers in the books by Pam Johnson-Bennett as well as in the articles on our site. If your cat is displaying a change in behavior, contact your veterinarian because there may be an underlying medical cause. This article is not intended as a replacement for your cat s veterinary care. Sometimes cats make it physically impossible just to walk.

They'll dart between a person's legs or roll over somebody's moving feet, all in an effort to. to accomplish what, exactly? According to Dilara Goskel Parry, a cat behavior expert at, cats do actually have an end goal in mind when they try to "herd" people this way. They're not just being playful -- they're also being manipulative. "While cats are certainly not bred to be herding animals like some dogs, they do learn to direct human behavior -- and motion -- when their behavior is reinforced," Parry said. "For example, вI do this, and my person is going to feed me. ' The darting and rubbing, which is called marking, likely starts as excitement, such as they feel right before feeding time. Many cat guardians reinforce these behaviors that they may find annoying simply by moving faster and feeding the cat. " It doesn't have to be feeding time for cats to engage in this type of behavior, Parry explained, but they're more likely to perform it whenever they're particularly excited about something -- which happens most often to be food. "It could be a different anticipated reward, such as going outside, or even playtime with toys or a sustained petting session, if that is a routine," she said. "They may mark against other animals when they are in this state of arousal as well. "

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