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words cannot say how much i love you

Oh! I can't say how much I love you
Say how much I need you. Oh! I can't say how much I love you Every word you say is filled with sunshine. When you say you love me, Words you always sang by me. I, now at last i realize, That my dreams were ring the skies, And that nothing was insincere, You, can't a paint the rainbow-line, To make it's moments rhyme, Only chase of tenderness. Oh, i can't say how much i love you, Say how much i need you, I can never find the words to say, I really really want you, And you are my eyes can see. Oh, i can't say how much i love you, Say how much i need you, Every word you say is spelled with sunshine, When you say you love me, Words you always sang by me, Oh, i can't say. say. say.

I was so lost, so alone, So scared. And blocked out the world. Pain, hurt. That s what I tried so hard to hide from. To be a threat, Someone who had the opportunity to hurt me. I didn t want to be vulnerable to anyone, And feelings preserved. Anyone who loved me, Loved me for who I truly was, Scared me to death. If they truly cared about me, They had the ability to crush my world. I did my best to separate myself from those people. For who I chose to be around them. I loved that I could mold their opinion of me. I believed since I was not vulnerable to them, They could not hurt me in the way that the others could.

They hurt me only by drifting in and out of my life. The people that loved me, however, They could hurt the depths of my heart, But only if I let them in, Into my world. But you, You are here, In my world, All of a sudden. You know me, for who I am, For all the different ways I act, And you love me! How can that be? I did not mold you, And you love me! I am vulnerable to you, Yet I feel so safe that it scares me even more. I have been waiting, Waiting for someone like you, And sooth my fears. But a new fear is arising. Or turn away from. Me. What if I do something to make you leave? As scared as I am that you re here, I want you to stay so badly.

What if your love for me dies because of one of my own actions? I do not know how to act! I am so confused. I cannot mold you because you already know and love me. And you ve seen every way I ve acted! You know my every face and act, And you love them all! How can that be? Which face and act do I use, When you love me, And they are all me!?!? As confused and panicked as I am, I love you back. I feel safe in your arms, And do not want you to leave. Can you see that I m nervous? How do I get someone to stay whom loves me for who I am, When this has never happened before? I ve never been loved for just me before.

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