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why does my dish on demand keep buffering

I am a brand new Dish subscriber converting from Spectrum cable and DirecTV and am hoping to get some help. I moved over in order to be able to view all of my channels and DVR content when I travel. However, I am not able to get the Dish Anywhere app to function properly for this purpose. I've called DISH technical support and they've been unable to help. I have a Hopper 3 hooked up to the internet. When the technician installed the box on Sunday, he downloaded the most recent software. I am getting great upload speeds of 150 Mbps per the Dish representative who logged into my Hopper 3. I am able to access the DVR just fine and see my recordings (although as a side note it was showing someone else's recordings when I logged in through a computer last night but it eventually corrected itself to my recordings).

However, when I play a recording, it works for the first 30 seconds to several minutes, but eventually, the picture gets stuck with a circling icon on it. The app and Samsung S8+ Android phone still works otherwise just fine, but the content never gets past the cycling. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. This buffering issue also happens when watching live programming. However, it does not seem to happen with On Demand content. I've tried the Dish Anywhere app at work where we have great download speeds and also at another location, but the result with content from my DVR is the same - buffering that causes you to get stuck permanently.

Even if you move back to an earlier part of the program that you previously watched, it will not resume playing no matter how long you wait. I sometimes get the video quality message. I also don't have problems with streaming using the Spectrum cable app (although the image quality can vary some). Any suggestions from the community or DISH on how to fix this?
If the content is long, such as a full TV episode or movie, I NEVER bother watching it while it is being streamed. I regularly check out the DishOnline or go their specifically because I missed an episode, and I just let it download to the HDD and view it later or in the future.

I think of it like a per-order service and enjoy it as such. Now, I understand that ideally, one should view it while streaming as a flawless experience, but that isn t the current internet technology (cable, Uverse, and FiOS don t have4 this problem) and the same choppy streaming experience occurs on other devices such as TiVo, and even the best streaming media players. I prefer the Dish and TiVo experience because by loading the download to the HDD, one can view it as a flawless experience. That s just the way it is today.

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