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why does my cat bite her kittens neck

First of all, I'm not a breeder, just an irresponsible cat owner. I keep putting off spaying my female partly due to working so much (she's a very needy dependant cat) and partly due to finances. We are very diligent about not letting her out but alas my cat got out when my brother was staying here and got knocked up. Loving my cat as much as I do, I have embraced the pregnancy and see it as a blessing even if half the world considers me irresponsable. We've been trying to introduce another cat to the home but she's pretty bitchy towards other cats. We are definalty keeping one of them. I have done a lot of research so that I was prepared for anything but I can't find info on why moms would bite their kittens other then to carry them. Angel had 3 kittens yesterday. One black who we are calling blacky, one calico just like her and the other a grey/black/white tabby. Delivery went quick and smooth and they all seem healthy.

They are all the same size and all appear to be feeding. Mom hasn't left their side except to move them or scout for a better location which she surprised us with at 5 am this morning. My mom rescued her and her 6 siblings when they had been abandoned at 4 weeks so I've been afraid she would do the same. We are prepared in either case but she appears to be very attentive to them. My concern is the way she seems to be biting the neck of the black kitten. She's biting into the side of his neck and underneath. Sometimes she just holds onto him like that. I don't see her treating the others this way and she's not moving him when she does it. She's not rejecting him as far as I can tell either. He's cudddled and nursed like the others but after her panic attack this morning I am giving her lots of privacy. The black one does seem to be the more mobile one of the bunch. He's moving around much more then the others so could it be her way of keeping him still?

When she moved them to the closet this morning and left to anxiously seek other sites, blacky was all over the place coming out of the closet screaching relentlessly but she always came back pretty darn fast to put him back in his place and calm the rest of them down before venturing out again. I'll give blacky a thorough examination when I weight and measure them tomorrow but if anyone has some insight as to if this is ok behavior and not harmful I would appreciate it. P. S I have read through a few threads and kudos to those taking in pregnant cats and orphans.
My cat is 1 year old, and has just gave birth to 3 kittens 3 days ago. She has been brilliant with them, only leaving them when she needs the toilet and. My cat is 1 year old, and has just gave birth to 3 kittens 3 days ago. She has been brilliant with them, only leaving them when she needs the toilet and then comes straight back to them but today i have noticed she keeps biting their necks, not in attempt to pick them up because she doesnt attempt to lift them and they are always close by to her, she doesnt have her claws out when doing this nor does she stand up asthought she wants to move them.

I am getting really worried now and find myself rushing to the nest everytime i hear a little squeel because i am scared of her hurting them. Is this normal? One website said queens may attempt to kill their kittens if they feel threatened, although there has only been me and my mum going anywhere near her, my brother and his mate came in the room today to look at them and my cat stood up and arched her back and growled at them, and it is only since then i have noticed her biting the kittens? is she trying to kill the kittens coz she feels threatened or is she just playing?

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