why does my cat urinate on my clothes

Patient, consistent litter training is the first step in making sure your cat knows where to go. Provide a clean, attractive litter box for your cat in an area of the house where she has easy access and a degree of privacy. Scoop out the used litter on a daily basis, so your cat doesn't have to tread through her own mess to use the litter box. If you see your cat in action peeing outside the litter box, tell her a clear "no" and take her to the litter box immediately. Be as consistent as you can in your domestic schedule, and make time to hang out and be affectionate with your cat. Particularly if she feels neglected due to the recent introduction of new pets or children in the home, it's important your cat knows you still have time and affection for her. Keep your bedroom and wardrobe tidy, as cats may dislike a messy environment. Put away clean laundry and close the wardrobe door so your cat doesn't have access to your clean clothes. Clean up cat urine as soon as you find it, so your bed or clothes don't start to smell like a cat urinal.

Once any fabric is impregnated with the smell of cat urine, your cat may think of that fabric as her personal toilet.
Some will have a strange thing happen at some time or another. their cat will pee on their bed. We all know cats are suppose to urinate in their litter box, but what are the reasons that some don't? Some of the places that cats will select to urinate, other than their litter box, are on a bed, sofa, towels, laundry, or even carpeting. You will note they seldom pee on the floor. Just to clear things up we are not referring to Spraying or marking behavior which is most often seen in male cats and is characterized by them standing with their rear end facing a (usually) vertical surface. They shoot their urine, and typically twitch their tail at this time. This article is about cats who empty their bladder on the bed, towels, and such, rather than "marking territory" with small amounts of urine. There are basically three reasons why cats pee on the bed, towels, or what have you.

One is that they have a reason for not using their litter box (there are many reasons for this), an other is because you have made these sources available to them, and finally it is because these things smell like you. Let us look into these factors further. Reasons for a Cat Not Using the Litter Box There are a multitude of reasons cats fail to use their to urinate. They could have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), they could have a behavioral problem, or somehow you failed to keep the litter clean, locatable, and of the right type of litter. Perhaps is not allowing them to use their litter box, or the door was shut to the room where it is. There are so many reasons, in fact, that if a cat is having this problem, one should try to determine the source, a link is to help finding out the cause of a cats refusal to use the litter box. Available Sources Peeing on the floor is not fun, it splatters, and know this. They sometimes have the same problem when their litter box gets so low that all the litter is piled up on one side of the box.

They know that fabric is absorbent, and will not cause urine to splatter on their legs. When a cannot find a litter box it will look to whatever is available. Smells Like You Your bed, your towels, your dirty laundry on the floor, these things all smell like you. Of course people will try saying that your cat is marking your stuff as its own, but really we do not know what the cat is thinking when it urinates on your bed or clothing. Many theories exist, including that they use this as a way of stating their anger with you, but this is really just guess work. The fact is your cat does not pee on you (hopefully), just your soft stuff, so perhaps your cat thinks of this in a familiar sort of way. What Can be Done to Prevent, or End, the Problem of a Cat Peeing on your Stuff Assuming again that the cat is spayed or neutered, and is not spraying. and assuming the cat is not suffering from any kind of urinary tract infect, diabetes, and so forth, there are some things we can do. First amend the problem as mentioned in the link also mentioned above relating to why it cats fail to use the litter box in the first place.

Keep bedroom doors shut and/or keep clothing picked up or in a hamper (with a lid). Try spending a few minutes every day with the cat, patting it, or giving it treats. Keep the home as stress free as possible (do not allow to chase your cats). If you must, shut the cat up in the room where the litter box is located at night (with food and water of course), or when you are away, thus reinforcing it to use the litter box, but only if you have filled it with the correct litter, and it is placed in an appropriate spot to begin with (not next to a laundry machine or furnace). Be aware that cats do not understand discipline for this problem. Rubbing the cats nose in it will not help, and may only add to the stress and confusion the cat is experiencing thus making the problem worse. Please read the link on as this is the start to the problem of them using your bed, towels, and so forth, as a litter option.

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