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why does my bathroom smell like pee

When a bathroom smells like urine, many times the first person people turn to for answers is the plumber. They are wondering if a leaking toilet could be causing the odor. While a plumber may be able to assist you with your odor control efforts there are a few things you should realize before calling the plumber. The odor of urine in a bathroom is never caused by a problem that a plumber can fix with the possible exception of a commercial menвs room with urinals and even then in most cases a plumber cannot help. The problem is with almost 100% certainty that you have some boys in the house with bad aim. The reason that the smell of urine cannot be caused by a toilet is that whatever amount of urine goes into a toilet it is diluted with anywhere from 1 to 5 gallons of water when the toilet is flushed. If the wax ring under the toilet were leaking the smell from the liquid waste would be non-existent although the smell from the
gases leaking would probably be quite strong.

Urine smell is bad aim! To fix the smell you need to be able to effectively clean the floor, the toilet and quite possibly the floor under the toilet. You probably want to use a product used for removing pet urine odors for cleaning. You may want to hire a plumber to remove the toilet from the floor so the floor under the toilet can be cleaned as well and to reinstall it after cleaning. The plumber should also caulk around the toilet to prevent water and urine from getting under the toilet again. In the worst cases the flooring may have to be replaced. Filed Under:, Being a landlord I have tenants that just don't like to clean/scrub toilets weekly. try once or twice a year. however they do sometimes call up and say my toilet smells when I flush it.

Every single time I have had this the solution has been the same with tenants. clean it with toilet bowl cleaner including under the RIM and clean it about 5 or 6 times as so much stuff is stuck everywhere. even change cleansers every other week. but not in the same day (don't mix chemicals). Another possibility is the kid peed on the walls. wash them. Another possibility is. are there warm air floor ducts near the toilet. maybe the kid pees in them for fun??? lift the covers and have a look. I did find one grill that was covered in pee spray. in a guest bathroom. once upon a time. Another possibility there is a bad seal or no seal under the toilet. there is supposed to be a foam or wax ring under the toilet that keeps the air and water in the sewer system separate from the air and water in your house.

I have had one instance in 20 years of a urine smell that happens every time you flush that cleansers did not solve. it turned out be a foam ring that was not wide enough to fill the gap between the floor and the bottom of the toilet and every time you flush - air from the sewer passes by after the water has passed by. Strangely there never were any water leaks that anyone ever noticed. THe only way to check this is to remove the toilet by unscrewing the floor bolts, lifting and looking to see what is underneath. before you do this you might want to buy 3 regular wax rings and 3 extra thick wax rings. so you can choose which you want after you lift. if the rings are foam you might notice how one end might be squished and the other end appears full height. the full height is your clue that air might be getting through.

Personally I don't care for the foam rings (hardware stores charge more for these than wax. but it is harder to determine if you have a good fit. with wax. it all just squishes out if it's too much and you get a good seal. The last and least likely idea is that there is an issue with the vent stack for each toilet. Don't know the reputation or experience of your builder or the care with which city inspectors review builder work before signing off. but. you might want to check if there is a clear path from the stack inside the wall behind the toilet to the roof. Start with a quick look at each roof vent (the little chimney sticking out through the shingles) and see if you can see down it. or is it plugged with a bird nest or some dead critter?

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