why does my cat attack my feet when i walk

Image Source: When we domesticated cats, we took these tiny hunters from their natural environment and insisted that they adapt to ours. Cats are built to stalk and chase. It is who they are and written on their DNA. PPSometimes we humans are the only thing that moves in our humanized world and our cats havePto chasePus! The nature of the hunter drives him to lurk and stalk. Wild felines choose areas to hide that are frequented by prey species. Lions preside over watering holes. Leopards lie on branches overhanging frequented paths. Our pet cats choose similar behaviors, except in our case, the hiding spots might be under our couches and the prey item might be our legs!

In essence, you can take the cat out of the wild, but you can t truly take the wild out of the cat. Unlike dogs who have evolved in tandem with humans, domestic cats actually are genetically very similar to their wild ancestors. Stalking and chasing are absolutely essential to our cats happiness and survival. They are not optional because they are literally written as requirements on his brain. All cats must stalk and chase. It is a drive separate from hunger. i
If the behavior bothers you, redirect it, understanding that your cat needs something to replace it. Fishing pole toys and small balls can provide this entertainment for your cat.

Other enrichment toys can really do this job beautifully. Hollow balls that dispense food rewards to the cat as they roll are an excellent idea. Try to think of creative ways to get your cat moving and using his brain. If you recognize your cat s need for this type of activity, you can prioritize it and redirect it away from your skin! Do you have CAT-itude? Does you cat? Follow me on Facebook for photos, posts and stories about cats. Click. Adamec, R. E. (1976) The Interaction of Hunger and Preying in the Domestic Cat (Felis Catus): An Adaptive Hierarchy? Behavioral Biology, 263-272 The attack using the front paws to catch something this way can be seen among younger cats when they play very frequently (watch cat videos on YT).

It is a technique needed for hunting. You can see this when big cats as lions hunt and nearly always when kittens play. Your legs resemble the back of a fellow cat. This is an ideal test prey. Be happy that your cat is playing this gently. Not all cats are so considerate. This means your cat knows about your fur beeing rather thin and delicate and thus keeps her claws withdrawn. With fellow cats this is not necessary the case. My cats used to play this way, too, when they were younger. They also liked it, when I turned the table on them and chased them.

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why does my cat bite my legs when i walk
why does my cat bite my legs
why does my cat attack my legs when i walk
why does my cat attack me when i walk by
why does my cat always follow me to the bathroom
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