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why does my basil plant have brown spots

is one of the most popular herbs to grow, but that doesn t mean there are no basil plant problems. There are a few basil diseases that can cause basil leaves to turn brown or yellow, have spots or even wilt and fall off. Keep reading to learn more about the diseases that can cause problems with growing basil. is among the most common basil diseases. This basil wilt disease most commonly affects sweet basil varieties, but
are still somewhat vulnerable. Fusarium wilt is caused by a fungus that can be carried by either the soil that affected basil plants have been growing in or by seeds from infected basil plants.

There is no remedy for fusarium wilt. Destroy infected plants and don t plant basil or other mint plants in that area for two to three years. Even if a basil or cannot be hurt by fusarium wilt, they can carry the disease and infect other plants. This basil disease is caused by a bacteria called Pseudomonas cichorii. Symptoms of are black or brown spots that appear on the leaves and streaking on the stems of the plant. Bacterial leaf spot occurs when infected soil is splashed onto the leaves of the basil plant.

While there is no fix for bacterial leaf spot, you can minimize the damage by making sure that your basil plants have plenty of air circulation and that they are watered in a way so that the bacteria is not splashed onto the leaves. is a relatively new basil disease that has only started to affect basil in the past few years. The symptoms of downy mildew include yellow leaves that have fuzzy, grey growth on the undersides of the leaves. Downy mildew is aggravated by overly wet conditions, so if it appears on your basil plants, make sure that you reduce overhead watering and that the basil plants have good drainage and good air circulation.

The basil diseases listed above are specific to basil plants, but there are a few other problems with growing basil that can happen. They include: Bacterial leaf spot is caused by the fungus Pseudomonas cichorii. Symptoms of infection first show as round brown spots on basil leaves. Infection usually occurs when water is splashed on the leaves during warm, humid weather or by unsanitary gardening practices, such using dirty gardening tools.

The spots that result appear waterlogged, and may be both angular and outlined by leaf veins, or irregularly shaped. Eventually the infection may extend into the stems. The bacterium that causes bacterial leaf spot in basil is carried in infected seeds. To control the spread of bacterial leaf spot on basil plants do not water overhead, and ensure your plants have enough space to allow for ventilation which reduces leaf wetness. Discard diseased plants and debris and use clean, sterile tools.

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