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why does matt lauer have a beard

It's been a while since we checked in on the state of "The Beards Of 'Today. '" That's a made-up thing, you say? Well, we say phooey to that! Don't you remember that all the men on the "Today" show have, for reasons we can only vaguely remember? As the month is just over halfway through, it's time to judge how these beards are faring. *
Matt Lauer Wow! Mr. Lauer is growing himself quite a beard!

It appears fairly evenly proportioned, and quite full for this stage in the game. In addition, it's moved past the we've seen Lauer's facial hair get into in the past, where he looks a little bit like a man who hasn't eaten in a while. Al Roker Mr. Roker's beard is slightly more pointillist than Mr. Lauer's, but it still looks striking on him.

Willie Geist Willie Geist's beard, though it's probably the least bushy of the three, is also the most intense. Just look at his face! He's practically shouting, "this beard is lending me an extra layer of intensity. " Savannah Guthrie Disappointing. Now it's your turn. Which is your favorite beard? Tell us in the poll below! *Note: we are really referring to literal beards, not the.

For most of the "Today" co-hosts, "No-Shave November". Except for Matt Lauer, who decided to forego shaving and keep his beard for another four months. But today, on this 20th day of March, Matt Lauer officially to the scruff. (via We can't say we'll miss it, but it has certainly. Between the Sochi olympics, the Golden Globes and talking to Rob Ford, the beard has actually gotten pretty famous.

It certainly knows more celebrities than we do. So, in honor of the loss, we present to you: The Beard's Greatest Hits: Playing with animals! Working the Red Carpet (looking good, beard! ) Laughing Wearing Having an Talking to crack-smoking, Toronto mayor Rob Ford: Okay, fine. We'll miss you, beard!

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