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why does my car use so much water

Hi there. First check the oil in the engine. See if the oil is milky and not dark in color. If the oil is milky, then there is either a head gasket that is burned and putting the coolant into the oil system or an intake manifold gasket that is leaking coolant into the engine. If the oil is clean and not milky, then the coolant is coming out of the engine but it may be draining onto the exhaust system and burning off.

Look around the engine and see if there is any white residue on the engine. This would be around any freeze plugs and around the head gasket. If you need further assistance diagnosing a, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.
Hi there. Typically when the vehicle is using a lot of water itвs because youвre using water instead of coolant.

Coolant is designed to heat up, while water will evaporate much quicker when the temperature rises inside your motor. It is recommended to use a ratio of 50 percent coolant to 50 percent distilled water. Itвs also possible that there is a coolant leak inside the motor. Typically this is caused by an overheating problem, but not always the case.

The way to know if you have coolant leaking inside the motor is if you check the engine oil and itвs milky or foamy. It might be a good idea to, so that the right coolant / water ratio is inside the motor. During this service, a professional mobile mechanic can also inspect your car for any signs of leaks.

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