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why does my cat stay out all night

A: Dog aggression like this can happen for various reasons and it can be difficult to work out without a detailed analysis of the precise events leading up to it. Fear can play a role: if dogs are not used to children, they can be frightened of them, and so they are aggressive in an effort to make the child go away. Resource guarding is another possibility: the dog may have not wanted to share your company with the child. You cannot risk this happening again so the only answer is to work with a behavioural specialist to carry out a forensic analysis of the incident, and then to follow the specialist s advice on what to do to prevent it recurring in the future. Ask your local vet for a recommendation, or visit apbc. org. uk to find an experienced and qualified pet behaviour counsellor in your area. Q: My two indoor cats share a tray and always use it but sometimes they spill their waste over the edge, making a mess.

It happens around once a fortnight and can be at any time: when the tray has just been changed, or at other times too. MH, London
A: The ideal answer in any multiple cat household is to have one litter tray per cat, plus one extra. Cats are territorial (even if they seem to be getting on well) and they generally prefer to use their own litter tray. Also, some cats like to pass urine and faeces in different places, so an extra tray allows for this. If this does not solve your problem, it may be worth trying larger and deeper plastic trays, such as the type sold for seedlings in garden centres, rather than the standard ones sold in pet shops. There s more space inside them for cats to turn around and the deeper sides mean that litter is less likely to spill over the edges. Visit icatcare. org (International Cat Care formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau) for more tips on litter tray problems.

Q: I bought a Bearded Dragon two months ago, and the tip of his long tail has turned black. It looks as if it has died off: it s shrunken and hard. Do I need to do anything, or will this settle down naturally. I know that lizards can sometimes regenerate their own tails. FL, Preston A: It sounds as if the lizard has tail tip necrosis, which is most commonly caused by trauma of some kind (such as getting his tail stuck somewhere or, in a multiple-lizard environment, being bitten by one of the others. ) There are other possible causes including poor husbandry and bacterial or fungal infections. Bearded Dragons cannot regenerate their own tails, and he may need an x-ray followed by amputation of the tail tip to stop the necrosis from spreading. You need to take him to a vet with a special interest in lizards: you can find one by visiting the Find-A-Vet section of the website of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ( ).

Dog lungworm is spreading northwards Evidence from the Royal Veterinary College has confirmed that the lungworm parasite (Angiostrongylus vasorum) has spread across the UK from its traditional habitat in the south of England and Wales. It s now widespread in Central England and reaching northern regions and Scotland, with one in five vet practices nationwide reporting at least one confirmed case of the parasite. A recent survey showed that 85 per cent of UK dogs remain unprotected against lungworm, a potentially fatal parasite. Ask your local vet if this is a problem in your area, and if so, what preventive action you should take. Rescue pet of the week Bobby is an adult tabby cat who needs a home.

Call 0845 3714218 or go to *Send pet problems to pete. wedderburn@telegraph. co. uk. All sick animals should, of course, be taken to a vet *To find out the outcomes of the rescued pets featured in this column, see ukpetsubjectsrescue. petethevet. com Hey guys, Looking for some advise! My cat has been going out for the past 5 months, and I let him come in and out until 8pm then I keep him in. Last night he went out at 7:30pm and usually when I call him he comes in about 5/10mins later. I have been calling him all night and have left the window open for him but he hasn t come back, I ve had a look around and asked the neighbours but they haven t seen him. I m starting to get really worried as the latest he s been out until is 11pm and its getting colder at night now. Has anyone had this happen to them before, and any tips for finding him??

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