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why does my daughter hate me poem

My daughter is now is her 30's emigrated abroad and has 4 adorable very young boys. A couple of years ago she became desperately ill so I went over to help look after her and them while her husband worked. It was the worst decision of my life. I did everything for her looking after the boys, taking & picking them up from school & pre-school, taking them to different after school activities and looking after the youngest who wasn't at school. Cleaning, 3 washings a day and all that entails as well as shopping, dog walking etc, etc. Before I arrived she had friends bringing them meals every day but once I arrived the meals ended and the other Granny's involvement continued but at a lesser extent. I am a hopeless cook whereas my daughter is an expert. She expected me to cook and on hindsight I should have said from the start that I'd do anything but that. I didn't so there was a huge hullabaloo about that so I cooked and I know the meals weren't up to their standards so the other Granny had to step in.

Despite all nothing I did was good enough, fault was looked for at every turn and no matter how much I took into account the desperation she must have felt at not being able to do things herself (she is a very hands on Mum) the more I tried the more wrong I did. I got shouted at and exasperation comments at every turn. This lasted a few weeks until I had to return. Her husband took me to the airport and not a word of thanks from either of them. My daughter and I did hug but we were both choked up too much to say anything to each other. We now Skype but mostly with our grandsons on the screen. When she speaks I can hear the anger still in her voice most of the time. If anyone reads this and has any suggestions what I can do to try and get back some of the love we used to have I would greatly appreciate it, bearing in mind that we live thousands of miles apart.

I thank God that she hasn't cut me off from my grandsons and that's a huge blessing and relief. Of course there is always 2 sides to a story and I wasn't completely blameless. I know I irritated her no end. NB
I have a son and 2 other daughters, before she left the 4 of them were great friends. Since she left their relationships quickly deteriorated and although all are on Skype and Facebook they never communicate. It's all very heartbreaking. Yes, I have a loving husband but he is the silent type and anytime a broach the subject he just says there's nothing you can do so just leave it. Is that the only answer? She told her daughter she hated her and wished she was never born. She didn't even seem to care that the child's heart was torn. She blamed child for all of her heartache and pain.

Did she realize emotional abuse can drive a child insane. She said her child was the reason she never achieved her dreams. Those words hurt her child more than to her they may have seemed. All her daughter wanted was her love and her affection. But all she ever got was her mother's constant rejection, Feeling like a lost child with no one to love. She prayed to be taken away to the heavens above, Not knowing why she just wasn't good enough. Why, when she needed gentleness, was she treated so rough. Wondering why her existence caused her mother so much pain, Longing for her mother's love she probably would never gain. Wanting her mother to tell her she was a blessing, That she was not the reason for her mother's stressing. If there is a little girl out there that feels this way, Just know you are one of GOD's Angels, and he loves you more each day.

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