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why does my dad hate me quiz

What is your age? What is your gender? If your broke, and you want to buy something, does your mom/dad buy it for you without making you pay it back? They will buy it, but I have to pay them back the money. They will buy anything for me, and I don't have to pay them back! Never. I have to have the money then. How many things do you get for your birthday/Christmas? Nothing. ALOT! We donate it all to charity! :)
Average. A little above average. A little below average. Do they support your hobbies? (sports, art, etc. ) Yes. No. Kind of. How often do they say "I love you"? All the time! Never. Most of the time. Sometimes. How often do they show affection? (hugs, kisses, etc. ) All the time! Never. Sometimes. Most of the time. We are just not the "lovey-dovey" type, but we still love eachother. Do they comfort you when your in a pickle? ( I am not dorky, my favorite word is pickle, and I just love the way it sounds! ) Yes.

Always. No. Never. Sometimes. Most of the time. What age did you start having to do chores? When I could walk/talk. I don't have to do chores at all! Do you have to pay for your own text, minutes, or data on your phone? Yes. No. I have to pay half. I don't have a phone. :( How did you like my quiz? It sucked. Hated it. I loved it! So beautiful! (Your teary-eyed) Bye! I wuuuuuv you! YOU are creepy. Creepy stalker!!!! Why do you love me? I don't even know you! I wuv you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D No comment. What is your age? What is your gender? Do your parents listen to you when you talk to them, or come for advice? Yes, they do. They always try to help in any way they can. When they aren't busy they listen to me. They half-listen. (Listen and say "mhm" while doing something else) They tell you to talk to someone else. They tell you to shut up, or that they straight-up don't care.

Do they tell you that they love you? Yes, all the time. And I say it back! Not everyday, but they do every once in a while. Rarely. Haven't heard it in a really long time. If you say it to them they tell you to shut up. They say they hate you. Do you have a sibling? If so, do your parents treat them significantly better, in your opinion? No, they treat us both with lots of love! Yeah. Hell yes! They act like I don't exist. I feel like Harry Potter. Have your parents ever hit you? No, they don't believe in physical punishment Yes, they even use weapons sometimes. Do you hate your parents? No, I love them unconditionally! I love them, but I don't like them I don't hate them, I just wish they were better parents. Yeah, I'm returning the hatred. I loathe them! I wish they would die! Have your parents ever called you names? No, they just call me by my name. They will call you names along with an insult "Hey fatty, you're morbidly obese and ugly! " Have you ever been cornered by them? (Hostile behavior) No, never!

My parents are loving and passive! No, my parents don't do that. Once, but I did something really bad. Sometimes. But they always back off. They do it to make me cry from fear. Yes, they do it all the time. They even put their hands around my neck sometimes or hit me. Are your parents encouraging? Yes! They always tell me to keep up the great work, and I always get rewarded! Yeah, I get a pat on the back. No, they don't care. Did your parents ever throw you out of the house (Under 18 years old) No, of course not! No, but they joke about it No, but they seriously threaten it Once, but they felt guilty and let me back in Yeah, sometimes, but I spend the night with a friend or family member All the time. They don't even let me take a jacket

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