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why does my dad favors my sister

Hi, I am a 25-year-old female and I just need some advice. This may come off as petty since I am older, but please hear me out. I have a 16-year-old sister. Hi, I am a 25-year-old female and I just need some advice. This may come off as petty since I am older, but please hear me out. I have a 16-year-old sister. In the last few years my father has favored her extremely. But let me start from the beginning. Be warned, this will be a long one. My mom and dad divorced when I was 1. When I was 9 my dad remarried to a woman with a daughter 1 year younger than I. She was pregnant when they married so my little sister, who was just my half-sister (or so I thought) was on the way. Ever since my dad married this lady I was being treated differently. I noticed that I always conveniently got in trouble for something when the family was going out for dinner or a movie and was often left out. I WAS NOT A BAD KID. I was an excellent kid, actually. Very well-behaved. Any parent would have killed to have me. Anyway, I was always left behind on these occasions except for my birthday, when they d bother to deal with me. The 2 other sisters always were always getting new dresses and toys; I got hand-me downs and that s only if my sisters didn t want the thing I was given. My step-sister was even favored over me; example:
We each had these power ranger action figures. We had collected all of them between the 2 of us.

One day I guess she lost hers so she came into my room while I was playing and demanded that I give her power rangers back. I knew for a fact that these were my power rangers because I kept them in a secret place and only I knew where they were. So I explained to her that they were mine and I knew that for a fact. She went straight to my dad and step-mom and they came out and IMMEDIATELY told me to give her HER power rangers. They didn t even ASK me about it! Many years later I was talking about it, as I often did because I knew they were wrong, and the step-sis FINALLY admitted that it was the truth and she had lied because she lost her power rangers so she wanted to take mine from me. Anyhow, my grandma noticed the way they were treating me and said something about it. She started buying stuff for me whenever the other 2 would get anything and she got a load of crap from my dad about it. They stopped speaking to each other eventually and they still don t to this day. When I was 13 my dad had a test done to see if I was biologically his. He lied to me and told me that I was but years later he admitted that he lied to protect me and that I was not. I don t see how that matters and it never really bothered me (except the lying part). He raised me after all, and that s all I thought mattered. I don t know if this affected anything on his end. So years later I left the house, joined the military, got out, and now am settled in my own place.

My dad divorced the step-mom and that kind of got rid of the step-sis. But they still have my younger sis together, who is now 16. Now let me tell you why I feel like he favors her: 1. He is constantly texting her, having her come over, taking her out to dinner, etc. I almost always have to text him and sometimes don t get a reply for hours, days, or even at all. He only offers to take me out on my birthday. He never let s me know Hey, your sis and I are going out to dinner. Wanna come? Never. 2. This kind of connect to #1. He never tells me anything that s going on. He never invites me to anything. I guess this is repetitive, but this really bothers me. I feel like he either just doesn t think me or just doesn t care to see me, and both are hurtful. He actually told me he s taking my sister on a cruise this summer; nice. I didn t even know. I never got a cruise. I m not trying to be a brat about this. This has nothing to do with money or gifts; it s just the principle of it. I don t care about his money. I just want him to be around and be my dad. 3. He has pictures in his house everyone of my younger sister and there is not even one of me. Not one. My mother-in-law says there s no way he hasn t noticed that and isn t doing it on purpose. 4. My dad is the type of guy that expresses his affection by spending tons of money on you; Again, I don t care about the money.

But it s sickeningly noticeable how he seems to go out of his way to give my sister every little thing she wants (including a $125 hoodie just last week), but when I say I am struggling a little to get something to eat he hesitates to help. I don t know, is it just me? That. kinda sucks. But don t think that your dad favors your sister, it could be the other way around. If he talks to you like that,. That. kinda sucks. But don t think that your dad favors your sister, it could be the other way around. If he talks to you like that, he s. admitting to you that he can t handle your sister, and hoping beyond hope you ll forgive him in the end. But your dad s not. handling his fatherly duties well, no excuse for saying that to you, at 12, when your age difference with your sister is only 3 years. In sitcoms, parents usually stay neutral and say, both of you, quit fighting or you ll get it (allowance, taking away TV priviledges or smn). Your dad needs a class on child raising, he s not doing a good job. I encourage you to confront him, too. Why do I gt shut my god**** mouth? I didn t start it, I was trying to do what s right. Cuss back if he does it, make im realize he s crossing the line. Buuut it he seems really on the edge. walk away, hopefully it s not that bad yet. Get help if it turns to loud yelling and hitting things.

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