why does my car stereo keep cutting out

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Hi, I don't know your car at all but here is a which shows the electrical wiring for your model (I think). Looking at it and the problems that you are experiencing I'm thinking that there may be a problem with the power supply to all the different parts that you are having problems with.

I realize that they have different fuses BUT when you trace it back the common factor is that all the ones you mention all appear in what is known as Fuse Support B (presumably row B in the fuse block. Is it the cabin fuse block? ) or at least I think they do ;-) Admittedly fuses B1-B4 in the row (this has the radio fuse in it -fuse B2) has a different main feed fuse (F6 in the current distributor fuse block -is this the engine bay fuse block? ) than fuses B5-B10 (which comes via the ignition key from F4 in the current distributor fuse block) So perhaps it may be worthwhile inspecting the main feed(s) cable connections at the back of the fuse block row B to ensure that they are tight etc. It may be advisable to disconnect the battery when you are looking since it is live power there.

Taking out F4 and F6 may not be enough to ensure that it is safe. Also don't forget about any radio security codes etc, since you will have disconnected the battery - just a thought. I don't know how easy this is to do. Alternatively you could remove the radio fuse and use a test lamp to check if there is power on the battery supply side side of the fuse position. If there is no power at all, (not sure if you need the ignition set to accessories or not) just gently tap the fuse block and see if the power comes on and off etc. The wiring I've just described to you can be found on p. 97-31 in the link provided. Be aware that the download for the file is slow and takes a bit of time to complete.

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