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why does my car stereo get hot

Originally posted by: Don_Vito Huh? Even if this were true (and I have never run into it, even on portable CD players), I find it hard to believe that the designer would create a CD player in which the face got too hot to touch, because that would predictably cause accidents (presumably a certain number of drivers would recoil from the heat and knock the car out of gear or lose control of the car). I have never seen a car stereo heat up perceptibly at all, and none of the three in-dash CD players I have used have been warm to the touch, much less burning hot. I am not doubting what you say, but what brand of CD players are you talking about?
Hey Shadow, not that I have to give you any explanations or excuses for my actions. but since I have some time here this morning.

I try to post online, the way I interact with people in real life. I always finish a conversation with, Peace. or Take care. or Have a good one buddy. I never just stop talking, turn around, and walk away. I know most people do this on forums, and I think their are two reasons. 1) because most people tend to follow what everyone else does, and 2) people are generally lazy. Same thing with how many people don't proof read what they have typed.

As far as my being a post whore. Yea', huh :-) Unless you had AADD like I do, you just wouldn't understand. Ya' see, one difference between me, and most of the people here, is that most people have all different things going on in their head, at all different times. With myself on the other hand, when I get onto a kick. no matter what it is, it's very hard for me to think about anything else. You could go back in time, and find forums where I posted as much, or more about fishing. or photography. or F150 trucks. but nearly always one subject at a time. Just another whacked out aspect of my life. Oh BTW, I use a TON of in my posting too.

Why? Because I do that a lot in person as well All good points. Thank you. Stealth, that sounds pretty cool :-) {no pun intended} I have no problem drilling and tubing a small hole in my air-con flow pipe. But it seems a little scary / extreme drilling into a brand new deck! I wonder if their are already any screws holes or something that could be used? Cajunner, 120 degrees sounds like a good guess. but again, this is Winter time and the outside temp has been 40 to 65 degrees. I will try to find a workable thermometer for this, as now I'm curious, as to the actual temp. Peace,

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