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why does my cat snuggle with me

Because your felines are perched right next to you, you'll notice some peculiar quirks that you haven't seen before. Cats go through different phases throughout their sleep cycles, much like you, reports the PAWS Chicago shelter. During her deep sleep, Fifi might twitch her eyes, move her ears back and forth and drool.

Fluffy may do the same things when she's zonked out or her paws will quiver and move like she's walking in her sleep. These goofy behaviors are perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. They're just signs that your kitty can rest peacefully when curled up next to you.
Cats have over 200 million scent receptor cells, well-developed vomeronasal organs and heat receptors, all on, in or near their noses.

They use these in part to orient toward their mommies in early kittenhood, when their lives depend on her warmth and milk.

Your kitty may transfer the sense of well-being she got from her mother's warmth against her face onto you, and your warm breath against her face. She also gets to know quite a lot about you through her scent receptors and that funny-sounding vomeronasal organ -- the organ that senses pheromones.

You are familiar and loved, and your scent and warmth just plain make her feel good -- hence her heat-seeking cat missile orientation on your face.

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