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why does my crotch smell like vinegar

ok so this is embarresing, but i really dont want to go to a doctor unless absolutely necessary. so here goes: Im 16 and a virgin. Ive noticed that my vaginal smell has changed. It used to have a musty smell that wasnt bad or anything, it was something I would consider normal for a woman. But lately it has a sour smell, kinda like vinegar potato chips. Its not a too strong, I cant smell it through my clothes or anything, bt my underwear now smells of it. My discharge is the same healthy color and consistency that it has always been (clear, not too thick or too runny), and i dont itch, so i dont think this is BV or a yeast infection. However, it does dry yellow on my panties (but i repeat, its NOT an abnormal color when it comes out)
As far as I know, my diet is the same. The only difference in my lifestyle is that ive switched my products, such as soap and shampoo, to all natural stuff; and Ive been taking more baths recently, just with plain water. I don t use anything with fragrances down there, nor do i douche. I just cant understand the sudden change.

And I m scared that if it smells like vinegar, it might taste like vinegar, which would be a problem if i ever have a bf who wants to go down on me. I really don t wanna go through a guy telling me you taste sour. So, does this sound like a normal smell? What caused the sudden change in smell? Are there any natural home remedies that i can do to change it back? Should i stop taking baths? I really don t think its something serious enough to warrant a visit to the Doc, so please don t suggest it. Any other advise would be greatly appreciated. TY (: My male partner's groin smells so offensive that I gag trying to prevent a vomit reaction. Odour is so strong I can smell it (and gag) whenever his groin comes anywhere near me on same or similar height level. It's a major problem. If he brings me a cup of tea in bed, I have to cover the strong gag reaction as the smell of his groin goes past at near my head height (can't contemplate drinking the tea, just have to pretend it's too hot, can't bear the thought his fingers probably fished out the tea bag).

Yes, his hands stink too, he is always tweaking his penis (clothed or not). His undies stink, I choke collecting them off floor, even the crotch of his slacks stink, I hold them at arms length to get them to the washing machine, trying not to vomit, the smell is so offensive. He's tall, so if I'm sitting at a table and he walks over to me, to talk or sit down, I get full force of the stench coming at me at my head height. It is so hard to try to cover the gag response, to stop the desire to bolt, to try to cover any look of revulsion on my face. He's tall, very overweight, showers daily (for 1/2 an hour! ,? assume masturbating). Problem present some 20 years now. I used to get thrush afterwards if we had sex, now I avoid it like the plague,. also, can't hold my breath that long, would hate to vomit on him(not joking). Can't emphasis how nauseatingly foul the smell is. I have told him about it many times over the years, he sulks, but won't do anything about it.

I've suggested dermatologist and gastroenterologists, but he won't go. I've suggested salt sitz baths, he won't do it. I've suggested anti thrush cream, won't try it,. tried repeatedly to get him to wear PJ's(this is to help me, so I won't get hit with such a strong odour), he won't. He complains a lot about no sex, but I just can't stomach even being that close, I gag just when he flaps back the bedsheets and have to hold my breath and turn my head away as discretely as I can, it's really difficult. I've tried sodium bicarb and vinegar in the laundry wash, nappy san, dettol, mild and strong detergents. I've tried spraying our bedsheets with fragrances, with antibacterial sprays, hoping it might help cure the cause but it can't even mask the smell. He wants sex,is very bitter at none, but won't treat the problem; he's a doctor but won't accept he needs to see one. Problem smells of both fungal thrush and sometimes faecal. I'm a nurse, I can tolerate a lot of bad odours, but this is off the scale. Help, help, what else can I do?

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