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why does my cat smell like pee

(gresham, or USA)
My 8-year-old cat's bottom smells of urine and makes any where she has been smell the same. She does clean herself (probably not too well because she's obese. ) What I need to know is how to get it under control and what should be used. I've washed her behind, but this doesn't fully do the job. Thanks for any help. Miss Kitty thanks you as well. Hi, Christine, Hello to Miss Kitty as well! You have the right idea - well two ideas actually. First of all, the problem may indeed be due to her obesity.

Overweight cats commonly are unable to groom themselves completely, especially in the back end, and need help to do so. Secondly, washing her is the right approach to treating the problem temporarily. If that is not working, perhaps you need to be bathing her entire body, not just her behind. Wet her thoroughly, then lather well, let the shampoo sit on her for a few minutes, and then rinse very well. Be sure to use a safe-for-cats shampoo.

I have been particularly delighted with the FURminator line of shampoos which you can read more about. For a more permanent solution to the problem, you need to address her weight issue. For my best advice on helping your kitty lose weight, please read with a question about weight loss. The method found there and the weight loss it can bring about will not only make Miss Kitty smell better, but will make her healthier and feel so much better. Thank you for writing and Best Wishes, Dr.

Neely I am going to say she is probably going to need a bath. I have a cat who needed an enema recently (he has megacolon), and when I was picking him up, he expressed his anal glands all over himself in his carrier, mostly on his tail. The vet tech took him back and tried to clean him up, but when I got him home he still stunk. I tried the cat wipes, too, but no go. So I put him in the tub, filled up a spare litterbox (that had never been used) with baby shampoo and warm water, and bathed his bottom half.

I actually did it twice. after I dried him off, I realized he still smelled, so I put him back in the tub. The cat is really easy going, but he was NOT happy at this point. But he smelled very nice once he was dry. I am thinking if baby shampoo can get out the smell of expressed anal glands (he REALLY stunk), then it would probably work on pee. Just make sure to soak your kitty really well, and get some help!!! Good luck,

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