why does my car smell like antifreeze

If your car smells like antifreeze, it could mean that the vehicleвs heater core is leaking. The heater core is responsible for circulating warm air in the carвs passenger cabin. It works by drawing heat out the antifreeze/water mixture and then siphoning it through the cabin. When the heater core develops a leak, it begins circulating air with an antifreeze odor and eventually fails altogether. Why Does Your Car Need Antifreeze? Antifreeze is a chemical that lowers the freezing point of water. It typically has a pungent, fruity smell. Your carвs heater core stores a mixture of antifreeze and water in order to regulate the temperature inside the passenger cabin when circulating air. When it begins to leak, you may notice the antifreeze smell inside or outside your vehicle. isnвt as serious a problem is it may seem like. If the leak isnвt severe, then you can simply top off the liquids regularly and keep driving. Interior leaks, however, can damage your carвs upholsteryвthe coolant can corrode your carpet and padding. If the coolant is sufficiently hot, it may even turn to steam, causing a lasting odor and fogging up the windows.

How to Replace a Broken Heater Core Heater cores are not located in an easily accessible location on most cars. They need to be located next to the carвs ventilation fan, which is usually located on the firewall of the vehicle, behind or under the engine. StreetcarDirectory. com
suggests that while flushing clogged heater cores can improve efficiency, replacing the unit is usually a better option. Does your car smell like when you drive it? If so, this could be a sign that your car s heater core could possibly be leaking. What most people don t know is that a car s heater core is also responsible for circulating warm air in a vehicles passenger cabin. The heater core specifically works by drawing the heat out of the antifreeze mixture then distributing it through the cabin. Sadly, when the heater core begins to leak,Pit will start circulating cabin air with antifreeze odor until the heater core fails completely. How does antifreeze work? Antifreeze is an important part of any car, truck or van because, it s a chemical that lowers waters freezing point and keeps your vehicle running at an optimum temperature during all times of the year, especially during the summer months when temperatures outside can reach the triple digits.

Although most vehicles may have heater cores that begin to leak, especially as they grow older, this problem isn t as bad as it seems because the simple solution is to closely monitor the fluids in the vehicle and top them off to ensure that the vehicle is running with the proper amount of fluids Sadly,Pafter topping off the fluids in your vehicle, you may find that your car, truck, or van is using a lot of antifreeze, this could be a sign that your heater core needs to be replaced. Most heater cores are not easily accessible in today s modern vehicles, because they re often located right next to a vehicle s ventilation fan or on the firewall of the car itself so removing the, will take some advanced mechanical knowledge and tools if you plan on doing it yourself. Before choosing to have your cars heater core replaced, you should first opt to have the heater core flushed out to see if this improves the performance of your vehicle but if your car still continues to use antifreeze on a regular basis, it may be necessary for you to replace the heater core all together.

Is It Time to Get Rid of Your Car? As your car gets older, you may find yourself spending more money to keep it on the road and you may come to the point where you have to determine if it s worth spending a few $100 more to have the heater core replace or if you should save that money, recycle your vehicle, and get paid cash for your car. There s never been a better time than right now to get paid cash for your car since every vehicle on the road today it s worth money because it has a certain amount of steel, aluminum, and other precious metals in it so before accepting a couple hundred dollars to get rid of your car, contact Fred s Auto Removal today to get the best quote and find out where your car is really worth. Call us at (503) 810-3061 or to connect with us online.

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