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why does my cat sit on my chest

If you are not-so-busy, then let your cat have its time as it lay on your chest. Try to build a bond with your cat, so that even if you put it away from your chest, it can find its way towards other sleeping places without becoming sad. Try to keep your cat sideways while sleep; they may eventually learn this pattern and avoid sleeping on the chest.

Do not, at all cost, misbehave with your cat even if it comes on your chest at an odd time. Your bonding may suffer if you do this. You should not totally ignore your catБs sleeping on your chest rather you should balance and also give it some time to rest on your chest.

This will create a healthy bonding between you two.
Have you ever noticed how your cat loves to catch the first ray of sunlight in the morning?

Whether it s on the floor or by a window, your cat is right there soaking it all up. This is because cats prefer resting in warm places. According to temperature receptors of cats, especially their faces, are especially sensitive, so cats love seeking out heat.

Cats seek out external heat sources so their bodies don t have to work as hard to maintain a base temperature. This may be why you might wake up with your kitty on your head, because your head is the warmest place!

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