why does my baby wake up with a stuffy nose

Once your baby's nose is moistened up, you can readily drain the mucus from her nose. Here are some simple ways of unclogging your baby's stuffy nose effectively. After using saline drops on your baby's nose, you can flip your baby on her stomach. By this time, the saline solution would have already loosened up the mucus from your baby's nostril. It will naturally flow down thick and slimy so prepare a tissue or a wipe to catch that stream of mucus. Your baby may end up sneezing or coughing it out as well, so watch out for those.

You can also use a nasal aspirator. There are many types of nasal aspirators: nasal bulb, and manual aspirator. Nasal bulbs are those common bulb shaped suctions for your baby's nose. Electric nasal aspirators are battery-powered suction for mucus. Simply turn it on and suction out the mucus from your baby's nose. It has a catcher that you can easily clean up. The manual nasal aspirator is a powered by you. It means that you suck your baby's mucus with the use of tubes and straws.

The last way of clearing out the mucus from your baby's nose is doing it the primitive way. You suck it out yourself. This is particularly disgusting to most but this is how they have done it in the past. If you can handle it, then do it. It's an immediate solution to help your baby find instant comfort. In the absence of a drugstore saline solution, you can make your saline solution at home
My DD2 wakes up with a stuffy congested nose in the early hours of the morning. This has happened every night for the past few weeks.

She is so stuffed up that she often finds feeding difficult. She ll feed but have to pull on and off at some feeds, cause her nose is bothering her. Often if she doesn t feed well then she wakes frequently for snacks til morning. On a bad night she wakes for that 2. 45am feed and then is not well setted at all between then and wake up time. She also wants to get up for the day at 4. 30 - 5am when her nose is bad. I have tried: Fess saline drops in her nose - she fights me and screams the place down, and wakes her sister.

So any other ideas? This is driving me nuts, and is not very nice for the poor little girl I ve seen 2 GPs about it. My Dr just says not to worry about it and don t give her any medication, another said it was a viral infection but its been going on for weeks, so you d think if it was a virus it would have resolved by now. Do you think it could be an allergy of some sort, and if so whats the likely culprit? She only gets the symptoms at night once she s in bed.

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