why does my baby wake up screaming from naps

Obviously, babies wake up crying to eat, because they are wet or dirty (sometimes), or to have their
recreated (such as replacing a pacifier), but this Sleep Quick Tip is to discuss what it possibly means when your baby wakes up crying from a nap or in the morning when they are done sleeping (at least you think so). From my reading, I have not found any definitive reason as to why babies cry when they wake up, but it is normal for them to cry between sleep cycles. With my first-born, if he woke up crying, it 90% of the time meant that he was not done sleeping. He may have awakened in between sleep cycles and had trouble going into the next one. My 2nd son had a much easier time going into the next sleep cycle, most of the time, but he still whimpered a bit, sometimes, between sleep cycles. This tip is to encourage you not to run in at the slightest whimper because crying between sleep cycles is normal and expected. Babies might not do it every sleep cycle, but they do some. I am not saying you need to allow your baby to, but any amount of crying feels a lot longer than it is. My 2nd son did not have as much of a luxury to be attended to at the slightest whimper because I had my older son to take care of, too. I remember when my 2nd son was around 2 months old, I was fixing my first son lunch and #2 (his name is Nicholas, btw) woke up from his nap.

I couldn t get to him right away, but was walking to his room by the 3 or 4 minute mark and my hand was on the doorknob and he went back to sleep!! I would have disturbed his nap had I been in there any sooner. Of course, at 2 a. m. 3 or 4 minutes feels more like 30, but just keep it in mind and look at the clock. As I said before, when my eldest son woke up from his nap, crying, it usually meant he was not done sleeping (whether he went back to sleep or not was hit or miss), so if he did wake up crying at least I knew whether to run in there or not. At the very least, I gave him 5 minutes to try to fall back to sleep that is until I nap trained him. Having said that, I know one woman whose baby, 90% of the time, woke up crying and that s just how he came out of his sleep cycles, so it didn t have the same meaning for her. Does your baby wake up crying? Why does my baby wake up crying? That s a question we hear a lot and it s the questions we re answering in today s quick tip article! Why Your Baby Wakes Up Crying Well, for starters, your baby may obviously wake up crying sometimes due too the need to eat (hunger is a powerful motivator! ). Additionally, your baby may wake up with a, or may wake up because he s too hot or cold.

These are all perfectly reasonable reasons for a baby to wake up and they re all reasons that mom and dad need to address, either by feeding or changing baby. A bit less straightforward is the fact that many babies wake up due to their. Some sleep associations are pretty straightforward causes of crying upon waking for example, if your, she may very well be pretty frustrated that she can t put it back in, and that may lead to tears! But some other sleep associations are less easy to spot as the cause of crying upon waking. If you normally rock or nurse your baby to sleep, she may cry when she wakes up because she s no longer moving and/or sucking. Similarly, if you typically hold your baby for sleep, he may cry if he wakes up in his crib and is no longer behind held. Beyond these reasons, though, here s something to remember: we all wake up briefly between sleep cycles from time to time. Our babies are no different. Sometimes, your baby may wake slightly and cry between sleep cycles. This is often the cause of those weird 2 minute crying spells that you sometimes might hear in the middle of the night, or during a nap. Do you know what I mean? Those times when you hear a cry, but by the time you re up and moving toward baby, he s already fallen back to sleep?

The cause there is just brief waking during sleep cycles that happens to be accompanied by some fussing. That goes hand-in-hand with the next point: for some children, waking up crying is a sign that they aren t really done sleeping yet, and need more rest. We suspect this has something to do with while some babies might wake too early from sleep and be fairly quiet and content, others will just wail. This was the case for Nicole: With my first-born, if he woke up crying, it 90% of the time meant that he was not done sleeping. He may have awakened in between sleep cycles and had trouble going into the next one. In these cases, it s sometimes best to wait a minute or two when you hear crying that you suspect is just waking between sleep cycles sometimes, your baby will go right back to sleep. Or, even if you ultimately to go in to comfort your baby, you ll know that the goal should be to help baby get back to sleep, because she isn t fully rested yet. Finally, keep in mind that some babies (and toddlers, for that matter) cry after waking even if they re fully rested. Some babies will wake up from a marathon nap crying, or will wake after a long night of peaceful sleep just wailing. In these cases, the problem is most likely that the child just needs a bit of time to fully wake up. (Heck, I know adults like this I m one of them, in fact!!

П I don t wake up crying, but boy, do I need plenty of time and space to fully wake up! ) In these cases, you can try simply cuddling your child, or offering a small snack or a favorite toy, and allowing your child to slowly wake up. So, in short, if your baby often wakes up crying, you ll want to evaluate the reasons. If it s not something that requires immediate attention, like hunger of an uncomfortable diaper or illness, then evaluate whether or not it may be a sleep association. To do that, you ll want to think about how your child falls asleep (in your arms, in the rocker? ), and then compare that to how your child is waking up (in the crib, alone? ). Finally, keep in mind that temperament makes a difference, too it may just be that crying is one way that your child lets you know he s not done sleeping, or it may be that your kiddo is one who needs to wake up slowly, and is going to fuss a bit while he does it! П Does your baby wake-up crying? What do you think the reason is? Have questions about crying upon waking? Scroll down to ask questions, to share insights, and to hear from other parents just like you!

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